Mainstream media (MSM) is at it again! I clicked on an article yesterday on MSM just to see what they were saying about immigration. “Trump supporters are anti-immigration.” Really!? This is what people who follow MSM believe? Do you not have any critical thinking left whatsoever?

I am tired of seeing the MSM lies and misrepresentations of who I am and who the Trump supporters are.

I cannot speak for everyone; however, many of the Trump supporters I know are NOT anti-immigration, and neither is President Trump. He has made this clear on numerous occasions, yet MSM continues to smear him with this kind of misrepresentation of his words.

Think MSM isn’t lying? Think again. Remember the Time magazine cover about President Trump? Click on the titles below to read the articles.

fake news Time coverHere’s The Truth About The Crying Girl On The Cover Of Time

“It doesn’t matter that the girl was portrayed as the face of the family separation crisis even though she wasn’t separated. And it doesn’t matter that the image, while real in what it captured, is fake without proper context and facts.”

“Time Magazine got its viral image and the President will forever be portrayed, using that cover, as a monster. Facts be damned.”

Crimes by Illegal Aliens, Not Legal Immigrants, Are the Real Problem

“A story published by The Hill…about two studies claiming that ‘immigrants commit less crime than U.S. born citizens’ misses the point that President Trump and other Americans are concerned over the crimes committed by illegal aliens, not legal immigrants. And the existing records on those crimes, like the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in 2015, are truly shocking.”

DHS Secretary Nielsen’s Remarks on the Illegal Immigration Crisis

“There is a lot of misinformation about what DHS is and is not doing as it relates to families at the border, and I want to correct the record. Here are the facts:”

“First, this Administration did not create a policy of separating families at the border. We have a statutory responsibility that we take seriously to protect alien children from human smuggling, trafficking, and other criminal actions, while enforcing our immigration laws.”

What Do President Trump and His Supporters Want?

We want to stop the rampant ILLEGAL immigration into this country.

Note the word “illegal.”

Did You Know?

Watch this video: What Liberals Used to Say About Illegal Immigration

“Illegal immigrants accounted for nearly 75 percent of federal drug sentences in 2014. This is according to the United States Sentencing Commission, which also found that illegals were involved in nearly 17 percent of drug-trafficking sentences and over 33 percent of federal sentences overall.”

“The rise in illegals crossing the border has fueled gang violence.”

“In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.’

“Unsurprisingly, violent crime has skyrocketed recently in Los Angeles as illegal immigration has surged. In fact, crime among sanctuary cities in general has increased.”

“Crime has also increased among major cities that are ‘immigration hubs.'”

Note: These statistics are taken from the article below: 9 Things You Need to Know About Illegal Immigration and Crime, which was published in October of 2016.

Once again I ask you: Why does MSM NOT report on these kinds of stories?

Click on the titles below to read more about illegal immigration.

9 Things You Need To Know About Illegal Immigration And Crime

CRIMINAL ALIEN STATISTICS: Information on Incarcerations, Arrests, and Costs

Fence-Climbing Illegal Aliens Cut in Line as Legal Immigrants Wait in Obscurity

Why Are We Against ILLEGAL immigration? My Question Is Why Aren’t You?

The Truth About the Invasion Approaching the US Border

MSM would like us to believe that these are poor people trying to make a better life for themselves. However, that is far from the truth. Many of them are men, and they are criminals and terrorists. They use the women and children as pawns in their political games. MSM continues to play on people’s emotions. They do nothing but blame and trash President Trump over his response to this border crisis.

Learn the truth! Click on the titles below to read the articles and view the videos.

Big Bear and Big Panda Just Joined the Discussion – Vice President Mike Pence Reveals Central American Invasion Horde is: “Financed by Venezuela”

“Announcing the migrant caravan is ‘financed by Venezuela’ is a direct notification the Central American invasion force is being funded by Russia and China. Venezuela doesn’t have any money to sustain its own operational government – let alone a 10,000 person convoy. Venezuela is entirely reliant upon massive investment from Russia and China.”

See the people in the “caravan” receiving payments for participating.

“Elaborately Planned” Caravan Brings Human Traffickers & Violent Gangbangers to Guatemala

“The migrant caravan marching northbound through Central America is an ‘elaborately planned’ movement that’s benefiting human smugglers and bringing disturbing numbers of violent gang members and other criminal elements through Guatemala, according to government sources in the capital city. ‘MS-13 gang members have been detained and coyotes (human smugglers) are joining the march with clients who pay to get smuggled into the United States,’ a Guatemalan official told Judicial Watch.”

The Migrant Caravan May Give Republicans The Final Midterm Push They Need

“How have thousands of people, including some women and children, but mostly young men, been able to cover more than 1,000 miles in 10 days and still going strong? Why now? Who organized them? Who provided funding?”

DOD Sending U.S. Troops to the Border as Guatemala Launches Investigation into “Highly Organized” Caravan

“”We’ve already deported nearly 4,000 people back to Honduras,’” said Gen. Ralda, in Spanish, while stressing Guatemala’s strong cooperation with the United States. “’This was not a spontaneous caravan, but one that was highly organized. The people behind this put women, children and the disabled in the front of the groups and put these people’s lives in danger. Our government is ensuring the safety and health of those who have been manipulated into this march, giving them aide and asking them to go back to their homes. Some have gone home, others have decided that they were moving on to Mexico.’”

Polls Show America Supports Trump’s Illegal Immigration Policies

“While the Democrat Party is busy inciting violence against administration officials, spurred on by the latest faux outrage over illegal immigration enforcement, new numbers indicate that America is actually firmly behind President Trump on the topic.”

The Question You Need to Ask Is: Why Is This “Caravan” (Invasion) Happening Right Before the Elections?

Here are some of my ideas:

Continue the MSM attempted take-down of President Trump and the Republican Party. Try to change our minds and influence our upcoming elections. We are awake…and we do not believe you any more!
Click on the title to read my recent blog post Mainstream Media Is Complicit in Worldwide Deception.

Tell more lies and spread more propaganda about President Trump and his supporters….do you notice they often talk about immigrants, not illegal immigrants, like they are one and the same? Put the blame on President Trump is the MSM strategy. However, it is backfiring. More and more and more Democrats are walking away from the Democratic party. Read my blog post Many Americans Are Walking Away from the Madness of the Democratic Party.

Distract from the real issues like human trafficking.
There are currently some VERY wealthy lifelong politicians in office….hmmmmm…..I wonder where they are making their money. Did you know that human trafficking is now a multi-billion dollar business? Hmmmm…..I wonder who is benefiting from this criminal industry?

human trafficking arrests

Consider this: President Trump created an interagency task force working around the clock to prosecute traffickers, protect victims, and prevent human trafficking. He has helped to make many more human trafficking arrests than Obama did. Hmmmmm…..I wonder why this is, and I wonder why MSM is not sharing this GREAT NEWS of these arrests of human traffickers and pedophiles. Do your research and find the truth!

Could it be they are trying to get more Democratic votes using these illegal immigrants?

What? You don’t believe this is true? Watch for my upcoming blog post on the voter fraud and corruption that has been carried out by the Democratic party for years!

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