Get the Truth About This Marxist Group

I cannot believe the number of people who have been duped by the group Black Lives Matter (BLM)! There have been “peaceful protests” in my area supporting this group, yet they have no idea what they are supporting.

BLM leader - burn it down

Do you know that BLM’s goals are to defund the police, take down President Trump, and take down this country, even if they have to burn it to the ground?!

Founders of BLM are self-professed trained Marxists.

And, the irony is that some of these protests around the country are being kept peaceful by the very police officers that these people are protesting against. If I was a police officer, I would walk…and unfortunately, some of the good ones are walking away from this madness.

I am also tired of the virtue signaling of all these corporations. Every time I get an email message from a company that I purchase products from, saying that they support black lives matter, I unsubscribe from their list.

I am especially tired of all these white liberals with their white guilt who parrot this “systemic” racism in police departments BS. And BS, it is! The statistics do NOT support their claims.

Fact #1: Only about 2% of police-citizen interactions result in any use of force or threat of force.

Candace Owens on black lives matterFact #2: Fatal shootings by police officers are extraordinarily rare (about 0.0004% of police contacts) and are declining.

Fact #3: Though better data collection is necessary, multiple studies suggest that race is not a factor in deadly force decisions by police officers. What’s more, only 8 out of 1,000 fatal police shooting incidents in 2019 involved individuals reported as “unarmed” black people.

Fact #4: The Department of Justice, while President Barack Obama was still in office, determined that the “hands up, don’t shoot” rallying cry, popularized after the shooting death of Michael Brown, was a manufactured narrative. The DOJ report further determined that Brown attempted to disarm the police officer and that the officer acted in reasonable self-defense.

Click on the titles below to read the articles and view the videos.

Four Inconvenient Facts for Anti-Police Rioters

4 Things the Liberal Media Won’t Tell You About Black Lives Matter

Video: Blitz Author and ‘Take No Prisoners’ Founder Exposes ‘Systemic Racism’ as a Myth

Trump Accuses ‘Black Lives Matter Leader’ Of ‘Treason, Sedition, Insurrection’

Pence: I Believe That All Lives Matter — Black Lives Matter Group Is Radical Left

Black Lives Matter Fundraising Handled by Group with Convicted Terrorist on Its Board

Discover the Truth: Consider These Actions of BLM

black americans killed in riots

If black lives matter, why are these BLM rioters looting and burning black-owned businesses?
If black lives matter, why are these BLM rioters burning minority neighborhoods to the ground?
If black lives matter, why are these BLM rioters beating and killing other black people?
If black lives matter, why doesn’t BLM use their donations to help the black community?

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Time to Wake Up! Black Lives Only Matter Every Four Years for Democrat Votes

Watters’ Words: Is Black Lives Matter a Bait-and-Switch? Follow the Money!

Jesse Watters exposes the lies that mainstream media (MSM) propagandists tell you about BLM. And if you follow the money donated to BLM, guess where it ends up?! In the pockets of all white liberal political candidates, like Joe Biden….and others. Imagine that! No wonder black lives matter only every four years before an election!! Click on the image below to see the truth.

Watters Words on Black Lives Matter

BLM donations go to a superpac called “Act Blue” that has given hundreds of millions to Democrats running for President.

Who Are the Founders Behind Black Lives Matter?

The group’s co-founders are Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza, all of them black women. See the video below of Patrisse affirming that she is a trained organizer and a trained Marxist. NOTE: The original video I posted is no longer available, so I swapped it out with another video that is still posted. We’ll see how long this video stays up.

Patrisse Cullors also reveals the TRUTH about what the BLM goal is.

“A co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network weighed in on the 2020 election, in an apparent violation of Internal Revenue Service laws prohibiting 501(c)(3) organizations from engaging in campaign activity.”

“Patrisse Cullors, in her official capacity as a co-founder of the BLM Global Network, told CNN on June 19 that ‘our goal is to get Trump out.'”

Click on the titles to read the articles below.
BLM founder with Maduro dictator
BLM Co-Founder Appears To Violate IRS Laws On CNN

Black Lives Matter Founder Mentored by Ex-Domestic Terrorist Who Worked with Bill Ayers

Black Lives Matter Restarts “Polar Bear Hunting” Program – Michigan Authorities Charge 18-Year-Old Black Male Damire Palmer for Unprovoked Violent Attack Against White Macy’s Employee…

Brooks Brothers Letter Supports BLM Plan to Disrupt The Nuclear Family and ‘Dismantle Cisgender Privilege’

Black Lives Matter Does Not Care about Black Youth

The Candace Owens Show: What Does Black America Want?

Candace Owens continues to stand up for the truth. She stated in a recent tweet:

“This isn’t about left or Right, Democrat vs. Republican anymore. This is ‘People that want to watch America burn’ vs. People that do not. That’s the only issue on the ballot this November: More riots, looting, lockdowns & statue purges—or Donald Trump.

“That’s your choice.”

“This week, Candace Owens discusses the hot-button issues of the day: reactions to her viral video on Black Lives Matter, Rayshard Brooks, defunding the police, and the state of Black America. You don’t want to miss this.”

Hodgetwins: White Guilt Is REAL! White PRIVILEGE Is A Leftist Lie!

The Hodgetwins are truth tellers, and comedians, to boot! You can always trust them to tell it like it is!! Click on the image below to view the video.

white privilege is a leftist lie

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Black Lives Matter Isn’t About Justice: It Is All About Destroying America

black lives matter flyerIt’s time for the American people to wake up and stand up for TRUTH and the RULE of LAW.

Get up off of your knees and do your own research.

Stop listening to all the MSM propaganda and lies.

Black Lives Matter is a sham, a ruse, a distraction….

Black Lives Matter is a paramilitary arm of the democrat party, intent on creating their socialist dream world.

And that is what it is, a dream, because as President Donald J. Trump has affirmed:

The United States of America will NEVER be a socialist country!

2020 is not just another election.

It is the choice between LIBERTY and TYRANNY.

What will you choose?

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