I was feeling out of sorts yesterday, so I decided to take a walk in a small park near where I live. I get SO TIRED of all the mainstream media (MSM) propaganda and lies that I simply have to unplug. The recent MSM HYSTERIA over the coronavirus, along with their obvious hateful and snotty attitudes towards President Trump is unbearable to watch. I have a difficult time understanding how ANYONE can believe ANYTHING that these MSM “reporters” and paid puppets say.

As I was coming to the end of my walk, I passed several vehicles that were parked and I noticed one had a couple of bumper stickers. I did a double take as I saw that one sticker had WWG1WGA (Where We Go One We Go All) on it. I was THRILLED beyond belief! I live in a very small town in South Dakota, and I never thought I would see another patriot following Q in this town. This REALLY made my day!!

How apropos that the following Q post shows up today:

Note: This is a small part of Q post #3906 – When You Are Awake, You Are Able to Clearly See
Q post - awake you can see

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Q is correct….I am not alone; the reality is that there are millions of us worldwide! Click here to see Rainbow Fairy’s photos of the Q followers across the world. This collection of Q photos is truly inspiring!

Those of us who are AWAKE know what is coming. Many of us have been waiting for years and years for this moment in time!!

There are many who believe that THE STORM is here, and mass arrests of these corrupt criminals here in the US and across the world are imminent.

It is why I continue to be SO grateful to be alive at this point in history, even though the present-day circumstances, on the surface, seem to be incredibly challenging and bleak.

Need a Little Inspiration?

It is so amazing to see all the incredible videos and memes that continue to expose the corruption and reveal the TRUTH….See the videos and memes below from more of our talented patriots. Above all, TRUST THE PLAN!

Panic Is the Contagion

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Sheep No More – Qanon, Trump and Patriots Tribute Video (Land of Confusion 2020)

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J.T. Wilde – Digital Soldiers

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I Need Freedom Now!!!! By SayIt OutLoud @realTT2020 #FreeFlynn #QAnon #WWG1WGA

Another YouTube account that has been censored! This video is no longer available.
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Trump Gangnam Style 2020

Sol is one of the best mememakers out there. She created this new version of the Trump Gangnam style video. It’s hysterical!

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Catturd: The MAGA Turd Who Talks Shit

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Catturd on toilet paper hoarders
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