It is so UNBELIEVABLE to me that people continue to watch mainstream media “news” after hearing their ridiculous claims about Andrew McCabe and other corrupt FBI and DOJ people who PLANNED a coup to take down President Trump…AND calling them “patriots” for trying to do so.

Now, MSM is trying to co-opt the word “patriot”?! Just like they continually try to co-opt the phrase “fake news.” THEY ARE FAKE NEWS! Time to wake up all the brain-washed people out there!!

patriot and traitor definitions

trials for treason beginAnd meanwhile, the BIG TECH CENSORS (go-ogle, fakebook, twit-fer, mytube, and others) continue to try to shut down our voices. We are silent no more. WE WILL KEEP GETTING LOUDER!

You cannot drown us out with your fake algorithms, your smears of conspiracies, or your banning of our content!

You keep trying to bury the TRUTH, but our diligent and brilliant team of ANON digital soldiers keep finding and revealing the CRIMES you have committed!!

Networks: 2,202 Minutes on Russia Scandal, Zero for No Collusion Report

“It’s been two days since NBC’s exclusive reporting that the Senate Intelligence Committee has found no material evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and as of yet none of the three major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have given it even a single second of coverage in their evening newscasts. Considering these networks have given the Russia probe a massive 2,202 minutes of airtime, their silence on this major development is deafening.”

“Over the past two years, broadcast evening news shows have spent more than 36 hours haranguing viewers about potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Given their keen interest in the subject, you might expect a bipartisan group of investigators finding “no material evidence” of collusion to be newsworthy. But evidently, you’d be wrong.”

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Coup attempt equals treason

After the Coup is Gone

“The tale we’ve been told for more than two years—that Donald Trump’s campaign team, possibly even the candidate himself, colluded with the Kremlin to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election—has been exposed as a lie. Various investigations into this alleged conspiracy are coming up empty and the accomplices are trying to change the subject. Even more pathetically, some still are clinging to the farce, desperate to salvage whatever still remains of their already sketchy credibility.”

“To describe it as a witch hunt, the president’s preferred term, is too generous. The American public has witnessed a seditious attempt by powerful interests garrisoned throughout our political complex to overthrow a sitting U.S. president.”

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George Papadopoulos tweets

Autopsy of a Dead Coup

“All through the 2016 campaign and during the first two years of the Trump presidency the media’s treatment, according to liberal adjudicators of press coverage, ran about 90 percent negative toward Trump—a landmark bias that continues today.”

“So-called ‘bombshell,’ ‘watershed,’ ‘turning-point,’ and ‘walls closing in’ fake news aired in 24-hour news bulletin cycles. The media went from fabrications about Trump’s supposed removal of the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office, to the mythologies in the Steele dossier, to lies about the Trump Tower meeting, to assurances that Michael Cohen would testify to Trump’s suborning perjury, and on and on.”

“Both politicos and celebrities tried to drive Trump’s numbers down to facilitate some sort of popular ratification for his removal. Hollywood and the coastal corridor punditry exhausted public expressions of assassinating or injuring the president, as the likes of Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, Robert de Niro, Peter Fonda, Kathy Griffin, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, and a host of others vied rhetorically to slice apart, shoot, beat up, cage, behead, and blow up the president.

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The Dan Bongino Show: Ep. 919 The Coup and the Coverup

Dan Bongino does another EXCELLENT job exposing the truth about “the coup attempt against President Trump and the McCabe/Rosenstein plot to remove him from office.” Dan exposes the lies of Andrew McCabe, and the lies and collusion of MSM. If you want FACTS and to learn the TRUTH, I highly recommend this show. Click on the image below to listen to this episode.

Dan Bongino: The Coup and the Coverup


Former High-Ranking FBI Officials on Andrew McCabe’s Alarming Admissions

“Kevin Brock, former FBI assistant director for intelligence, and Terry Turchie, former deputy assistant director of the counterterrorism division, fire back at former FBI Director Andrew McCabe.”


The Epoch Times: McCabe’s Troubles Run Much Deeper Than ‘60 Minutes’ Interview Suggests

“McCabe claimed he was fired ‘because I opened a case against the president of the United States.’”

“This is patently untrue. McCabe was fired on March 16, 2018, for lying to both the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and to the DOJ’s inspector general. According to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, McCabe lied three times under oath—and also lied to then-FBI Director James Comey—regarding his authorization of leaks to The Wall Street Journal….”

“On the one hand, McCabe testified there was no obstruction from Trump, yet, just five days later, McCabe was attempting to convince Rosenstein to go along with his efforts to open an obstruction investigation into the president….”

“At the same time that McCabe was attempting to open an obstruction investigation, Strzok and Page were texting about the lack of evidence of collusion.”

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Joe diGenova Discusses Mccabe’s 60 Minutes Interview

Joe diGenova on WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall (2/18/2019)


going to GITMO

Deep State Operatives and Corrupt Politicians Take Note:
President Trump, Q, and We The People are coming for you!

Military tribunals are on the horizon, and we CANNOT WAIT to see you held accountable for your treasonous acts against the United States of America and your HEINOUS crimes against children.

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

Learn all about treason, sedition, and subversive activities here.

Let’s not forget: All the MSM paid puppets and Pedowood “actors” and “musicians” will also pay for their crimes of treason and their heinous crimes against children! We The People are taking our country back!!

Thank you for sharing the TRUTH far and wide! More posts coming…so please check back.