This is a very special Veterans Day, as I watch the live stream of President Donald J. Trump addressing the people at the New York City Veterans Day Parade.

It is a very special day for many reasons, the first reason being that Donald Trump is President, and the second being that he fully supports our veterans and the military, with a deep understanding of the FREEDOM that they have fought for, and continue to fight for.

Thirdly, we are at war now (an information war). And with President Trump as our leader, we are WINNING the war against the deep state, the corruption that I NEVER dreamed would be exposed, and the war against mainstream media propaganda and lies.

Lastly, President Trump is committed to ending the ENDLESS WARS that were deliberately planned and orchestrated by deep state puppets, the CIA, and others! Their time of reckoning is coming soon…

If you didn’t see President Trump’s speech, you can see it in the video below.

President Trump and The First Lady Attend the New York City Veterans Day Parade

If you don’t want to watch the full video, click on the image below to see one of the highlights.
Trump salutes veterans

President Trump Has Accomplished Much for Veterans Since He Came Into Office

President Trump has made the military and our veterans a priority since he came into office. He and his administration have secured 8.6 billion dollars for mental health services, provided greater access to care through the VA Mission Act, and achieved the lowest unemployment rate for veterans EVER. Below are a few more of the things that President Trump has accomplished.

veterans for trump


President Trump supports veterans

In the video below, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie explains how the the VA Mission Act has helped our veterans get more choices and more access to quality healthcare. Click on the image to view the video.
Robert Wilkie VA secretary

Thank You, Veterans, and Commander-In-Chief Trump: The Great Awakening Is Here!

I want to get this post published so I will leave you with this final video…a song written by Patriots called The Great Awakening.



Please check back soon. I’ll be posting more TRUTH AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS of President Trump and his adminstration…

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