Will General Flynn finally be set free?

On May 7, the Department of Justice (DOJ) dropped all charges against General Michael Flynn!

In the video below, Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss this recent development and the SCAM that was perpetrated on General Flynn by obama and his administration.

Unfortunately, Federal Judge Sullivan has refused to sign off on General Flynn’s case. And all the mainstream media (MSM) paid puppets are spinning their lies and propaganda. Simply search on the internet and you will easily find all the MSM lies about this case everywhere…

Have no fear! Rest assured that Sidney Powell will continue to expose the corruption of these criminals and the truth shall prevail! If you are not familiar with her work, you may want to read my previous blog post Support General Flynn and ALL the People Accused of Crimes They Did Not Commit.

Judge Sullivan, Deep State Puppet, Goes Rogue

The deep state puppets are fighting hard to keep General Flynn from being exonerated. Instead of dropping the case completely, as requested by the DOJ, Judge Sullivan has invited third-party groups with no legal interests in the case to file amicus briefs.

You need to ask the question: Why don’t they want this 3-star general and veteran of 33 years to be set free?
General Flynn knows it all

We The People KNOW the truth!

Can you say ObamaGate? General Flynn knows where all their bodies are buried. He will expose them for the criminals that they are….including ol’ obama and all his lackeys. Click on the titles below to learn more.

‘Obamagate’ Isn’t A Conspiracy Theory, It’s The Biggest Political Scandal Of Our Time

“Here’s Why Americans Need to Understand the Flynn Case”

“The Flynn case is just one piece of a much larger story about how the Obama administration—with the full knowledge and support of both Obama and Biden—targeted incoming Trump officials in a failed attempt to cripple the new administration with allegations it had colluded with Moscow.”

Devin Nunes Discusses Unmasking: “It’s Much Worse Than This” – The Entire Trump Transition Was Under Surveillance…

“Devin Nunes appears with Lou Dobbs to discuss the recent list of Obama-era officials who unmasked NSA intercepts of Michael Flynn talking to foreign government officials. Rep. Nunes reminds the audience that Flynn is only one person within a much larger group of Trump transition team members who were under surveillance by Team Obama”

The Politicized Order Inviting Amicus Briefs against the Flynn Case’s Dismissal

“Judge Sullivan’s blatantly political directive is designed to frame the Justice Department as politicized.”

“Late Tuesday, federal district judge Emmet Sullivan issued a bizarre order, inviting third-party groups with no legal interests in the case to file amicus briefs addressing the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the false-statements charge against Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national-security adviser.”

General Flynn born a patriotIs Obama’s Long History of Playing Dirty Finally Catching Up With Him?

“The unraveling of the Michael Flynn case and ongoing investigation into Obama’s Justice Department should put an end to the preposterous claim that his administration was “scandal-free.””

Obama’s Coup Attempt

“President Barack Hussein Obama says the DoJ’s decision to drop all charges against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn upends the rule of law, something members of his administration, presumably under his instructions, routinely violated, in particularly by illegally unmasking and disseminating Flynn’s name to the press and the world, setting him up in the first place for persecution and prosecution. What they did is a felony that must be punished. And they did it with Obama’s knowledge and consent.”

The line between lawful unmasking and political spying — and what comes next

“When Carter and I broke the story in 2017, the number of Americans who had their phone records intercepted by the NSA and their call records (metadata) searched unmasked had exploded from more than 9,500 in 2013 to more than 30,000 in 2016. About one out of every six times an Americans phone records was searched, there was a request to search the unmasked contents of the call, the records.”

Another Bizarre Twist In Flynn’s Case: ‘Covington and Burling’ Will Enter Case At Judge’s Invitation

“This turn of events has been just one in a series of bizarre decisions unleashed on Flynn and his defense team by Sullivan. Critics of Sullivan’s strange behavior have accused the judge or acting as a prosecutor and crossing the line of his judicial mandate.”

Attorney Sidney Powell Responds to Obama’s Lies and ‘Concerns’ about the Rule of Law

Did you hear about obama’s response to the exoneration of General Flynn? He had the audacity to talk about being concerned about the “rule of law.” Give us a break! We all know how much obama respected the rule of law while he was in office. It didn’t exist, not for the dems or anyone connected to obama’s criminal agenda!!

Flynn - justice is coming

Click on the title below to read about Sidney Powell’s response to obama’s claims.

Flynn Attorney Rips Obama: ‘Your Administration’ Was Damaging to ‘Rule of Law’

Sidney Powell Writes Open Memorandum to Obama Titled Re: Your Failure to Find Precedent for Flynn Dismissal

Following are a few highlights from her memo:

“Most important, General Flynn was honest with the FBI agents. They knew he was—and briefed that to McCabe and others three different times. At McCabe’s directions, Agent Strzok and McCabe’s “Special Counsel” Lisa Page, altered the 302 to create statements Weissmann, Mueller, Van Grack, and Zainab Ahmad could assert were false. Only the FBI agents lied—and falsified documents. The crimes are theirs alone….”

“General Flynn did not even know he was the subject of an investigation—and in truth, he was not. The only crimes here were by your alumni in the FBI, White House, intelligence community, and Justice Department….”

“Finally, the ‘leaked’ comments from your alumni call further evinces your obsession with destroying a distinguished veteran of the United States Army who has defended the Constitution and this country ‘from all enemies, foreign and domestic,’ with the highest honor for thirty-three years. He and many others will continue to do so.”

Click here to read Sidney Powell’s full 3-page letter to obama. It’s definitely worth your time to read!

Ep. 1251 Obama Did It – The Dan Bongino Show®

Dan Bongino always does a great job of presenting REAL evidence. In this episode, Dan addresses “the astonishing set-up of General Mike Flynn,” and he produces “evidence that Barack Obama was behind it.”

You won’t want to miss this podcast!

For show notes, visit https://bongino.com/ep-1251-obama-did-it.

Looking for news?

The Bongino Report brings you the top conservative and libertarian news stories of the day, aggregated in an easy to read format to assist the public in getting accurate information: https://bonginoreport.com.

We The People Are Ready!!

I’ll end this post with another great meme from one of our talented patriots!

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So, Twitter deleted Lisa Mei’s account for no reason, other than the fact that she was sharing the TRUTH! You can now find her on Parler at @Lisamei62.

And Twitter keeps taking down this video.

What don’t they want you to see? If I find an active link, I will post it again.

Flynn - let the bodies hit the floor

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One way or the other, GENERAL FLYNN WILL BE EXONERATED!! And then, the REAL FUN WILL BEGIN!!