Truth Tellers Unite at the Health & Freedom Conference

The Health & Freedom Conference organized by entrepreneur Clay Clark took place in Oklahoma on April 16 – 17. It featured speakers like Attorney Lin Wood, Jim Caviezel,  Dr. Simone Gold, General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, and many others. They spoke passionately and truthfully about what is, and has been, happening in this country for a long time.

Click on the image below to see the highlights of truth teller Lin Wood.

Lin Wood proclaims:
This is about the children…Send this video tape to Hollywood….to the House of Windsor….to Bill Gates, to the damn Illuminati. Let them hear the truth! Send it to the Vatican, send it to the politicians, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, and the Bushes. Send it to those people because they are all involved in child sex trafficking! It is time to tell the TRUTH to America!!

Jim Caviezel in the Sound of Freedom

At the conference, Jim Caviezel spoke about his upcoming film, The Sound of Freedom, and the TRUTH about adrenochrome and what these sick people are doing to our children.

Click on the image below to view the video of Jim Caviezel. In addition, you can view the trailer from The Sound of Freedom and a short clip of Tim Ballard, the man who founded Operation Underground Railroad and continues to rescue children from child sex slavery all over the world.

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To learn more about adrenochrome, view this short video Adrenochrome – Those Who Know Cannot Sleep. Note: This video presents disturbing information; however, it is not very graphic. If you want to understand the basics, it is a good video to watch.


Dr. Simone Gold Reveals the TRUTH About Masks, Covid, and the New Religion of Public Health

Dr. Simone Gold also spoke at the conference. The video that she opened with had a very powerful message, describing what had happened to her for speaking the TRUTH.

Click on the image below to view the video.

Simone Gold censored masks and covid

Dr. Simone Gold’s Message: We’re all being lied to…and people don’t have to die.

Dr. Gold affirms: The delusions and the tyranny we are experiencing is worldwide. She believes that humanity has birthed a new religion. Following is her proof:
1) the facts have become irrelevant
2) beliefs control the outcome
3) believers need to convert others
4) nonbelievers are condemned

Dr. Gold continues: This is a new religion. Currently, their deities are people like Fauci, Gates, the WHO, the CDC, Pfizer, and Moderna. Through FEAR, it became very easy for people to be indoctrinated into the new religion of public health.

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General Michael Flynn: Now Is the Time to STAND and DO!

General Flynn made a powerful and compelling speech at the Health Freedom Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Click on the image below to view his speech.

General Flynn affirms: You have a responsibility. You have to get involved in your communities! 

“We are the people who run this country! Washington DC will not solve our problems….People have to take responsibility, and you have to get involved.

This is about the children, and the way our children are being treated.

What are you doing about it?!

Sidney Powell: We KNOW There Was Fraud in the 2020 Election!

Sidney Powell shares: “We are fighting for you every day on every front we can. We have been working on new cases for the last couple of months that will come to fruition sometime soon.”Click on the image below to view Sidney Powell.

Sidney Powell Health Freedom Conference

Sidney states:
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Everyone must make your voice heard!

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Watch the Entire Health & Freedom Conference on Patriot News Network

Wow! That didn’t take long at all…less than a week, and YouTube has yanked down this video of the Health & Freedom Conference. You need to ask yourself: What are they afraid of you finding out?!

Click on the image below to watch the first day of this conference. I have not yet found the full conference video on another platform. If I do, I will post it here.

Health & Freedom Conference Tulsa