I recently contributed to General Flynn’s Defense Fund. This man has been set up by obama and other corrupt deep state operatives. Anyone who has done the research KNOWS the truth.

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Sidney Powell post for General Flynn Defense Fund

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Read Sidney Powell’s Book Licensed to Lie

Licensed to Lie by Sidney PowellI am reading the book Licensed to Lie written by Sidney Powell, who is now General Flynn’s lawyer. THANK GOD! She is amazing and she will expose the lies behind the criminal charges against General Flynn. I have no doubt about it after reading her book.

If you want to see exactly how the corrupt DOJ, corrupt lawyers, and corrupt judges operate, I highly recommend Sidney’s book. I am almost to the end of the book, and I am appalled to find out what they have done to INNOCENT PEOPLE! I also feel incredibly sad for the people and their families who have had little or no way to fight against this corrupt machine.

Licensed to Lie is about some of the cases in the Enron scandal. I didn’t follow the whole Enron collapse that closely when it happened. However, I remember thinking that the people at the top, who were the ones responsible for the rampant corruption and demise of that company, were never prosecuted. And this book proves that I was correct in believing this.

What I didn’t realize is the number of INNOCENT PEOPLE who were accused of crimes they did not commit and SENT TO PRISON!

What I didn’t know about is the way that these corrupt lawyers for the DOJ threatened and coerced witnesses to not speak up or they would be indicted.

What I didn’t know is how they withheld evidence from the defense lawyers, fabricated other evidence, and then lied to support their own made-up narratives in order to make someone take the fall in these Enron cases.

Do These Tactics and This Scenario Sound Familiar?

time to pay the Barr tabThis is exactly what the corrupt DOJ and the deep state puppet obama did to President Trump using the Mueller Special Council investigation. They did it to a number of people on the Trump campaign team, and they did it to General Flynn. They have destroyed people’s reputations, livelihoods, and lives.

These corrupt lawyers should be DISBARRED! But, guess what?! Many of them were PROMOTED for their excellent legal services on the Enron cases, even though a number of the cases were reversed. The decisions were reversed because of the rampant lying and CRIMINAL deceit of these lawyers…specifically not providing the defense with the information that they were LEGALLY required to provide (Brady material). Some of this evidence would have shown the innocence of the people who were wrongly accused and sent to prison!

rule of law - General Flynn

Andrew Weissmann was one of the corrupt lawyers in the middle of these Enron cases. Gee…wasn’t he the leader of the pack in the anti-Trump, Mueller made-up Russia collusion delusion? And then there was the fabricated obstruction for a crime that was never committed. It is the same story all over again! (Many believe that Weissmann is the one who actually wrote the report, not Mueller.)

Good ‘ol Kathryn Ruemmler was also a significant player in these corrupt Enron cases. Guess where she ended up?! In the White House, as the primary legal advisor to obama, of course! In the book, Sidney writes that obama “praised Ruemmler as ‘an outstanding lawyer with impeccable judgement.'”

Eric Holder may have come on board a bit later but he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when Brady violations were brought to his attention. In fact, he totally ignored the multiple letters that Sidney sent him regarding the Jim Brown case.

It is simply astonishing to me that these people are still practicing law and still working hard to promote the lies and propaganda about President Trump. I also have grave concerns about many of the judges out there who are operating as puppets of the deep state.

Life, Liberty, & Levin – Guest Sidney Powell

I just discovered this video of Sidney Powell discussing the Enron cases with Mark Levin. It is a very illuminating discussion! They find similar tactics used against President Trump with the Mueller team and by the very same lawyers involved in the Enron corruption of justice. Make sure to check it out!

Here Is One Judge Who Tells the Truth: Judge Jeanine on the Epstein SCAM

Epstein is another case of the criminal getting the DEAL of the century (just like Enron and the Clinton email scandals). He was not held accountable for his crimes, and the deep state fingerprints are all over this scam. But the double standard of justice for people like Epstein, the Clintons, obama, and many more IS OVER. Attorney Barr is all about the rule of law, and JUSTICE IS COMING. Just wait until you see the list of names of the people who have been traveling to Epstein’s pedophile island…all your favorite actors and musicians, Bill Gates, Bill Maher, and many, many more. REMEMBER: The people who scream the loudest have the most to lose!

I love the fact that Judge Jeanine calls it like she sees it! She also has a new book coming out SOON: Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left’s Plot to Remake America. I look forward to reading it.

Click on the image below to see the video:

Judge Jeanine on Epstein and the criminal justice system

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