I just watched this video of Sidney Powell speaking at the Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar and had to share it with you. Thank goodness that Sidney is the attorney for General Flynn. She is one smart woman!

If you are not familiar with Sidney’s work, I recommend that you read Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. Sidney wrote this book about the whole Enron scandal, and the innocent people who were accused of crimes they did not commit and sent to prison! The book is definitely worth your time if you want to know what these corrupt DOJ lawyers have been doing for years.

You can also read my previous blog post Support General Flynn and ALL the People Accused of Crimes They Did Not Commit to learn more.

How to Fix Justice

In this presentation, Sidney shares her experience with the corrupt DOJ, the setup of General Flynn, and how William Barr can eliminate the corruption in the DOJ. She states:

“The case against General Flynn exemplifies everything that is wrong with our criminal justice system. We have prosecutors in the Department of Justice and across the United States Attorney’s offices that have determined that they can weaponize our system of justice to prosecute people for political reasons. They are expert at making up crimes, and they have become more expert, along with the FBI, in making up ‘facts’ to go with those crimes.”

Q - something BIG is comingAt the end of the presentation, Sidney answers questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails and her unsecured server. Sidney shares that there were 675,000 of Hillary’s emails found on the Weiner laptop, along with an “insurance” folder that caused NY police officers (hardened investigators) to literally throw up due to its horrendous contents (e.g., Hillary’s crimes against children).

Finally, she talks about the FBI’s “egregious abuse of power” in their arrest of Roger Stone. And, then she confirms that ALL the people involved in the FISA abuse (with the illegal surveillance of Trump and his associates) are under investigation.

For those who think that nothing is happening, think again!

Justice is coming, and these criminals will be exposed for their crimes against We The People and their heinous crimes against children.

The Arrests: They Just Keep Coming….

While people are self-quarantining and communities all over the world are being locked down….you should be asking:

What else is happening?

resignationsIn fact, there is A LOT happening right now, across the globe. Below is a small sampling of arrests and other events. You won’t find this information in the mainstream media (MSM). They don’t want you to know what is coming! Click on the titles below to learn more.

DEA-led operation nets more than 600 arrests targeting Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation
“The Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration today announced the results of Project Python, a DEA-led multilateral interagency operation encompassing all global investigations and related disruption activities targeting the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG)….Project Python has resulted in the arrests of more than 600 CJNG associates, 350 indictments, as well as significant seizures of money and drugs.”

ICE Homeland Security Investigations special agents make MS-13 arrests
SAN FRANSICO, Calif.“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents arrested six suspected MS-13 gang members at a number of locations in San Francisco, Daly City, Mountain View, Menlo Park, and South San Francisco on March 12….The investigation led to 17 Bay Area residents being indicted by a federal grand jury for a broad range of racketeering crimes including RICO conspiracy, attempted murder, and assault.”

More than 120 arrests made during ‘March Madness’
WALKER COUNTY, AL “The Walker County Sheriff’s Office recently kicked off an effort dubbed ‘Operation March Madness’ that has resulted in 122 arrests for the month so far including the capture of U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Joshua Wayne Burnett.”

Indianapolis area methamphetamine and heroin trafficking organizations dismantled
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana“United States Attorney Josh J. Minkler announced today, federal criminal charges against 35 individuals for their role in two separate drug trafficking rings….’Thirty illegally possessed guns, twenty-two pounds of methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, and approximately $70,000 in drug money support the decision to make custodial arrests today. Violent drug trafficking organizations should know that this national health crisis offers no safe harbor for them.'”

Pizzagate is realOver a Dozen Child Predators Nabbed In Undercover Sting In Florida
TAMPA BAY, Florida“Undercover detectives and partnering agencies conducted a seven-day undercover operation from March 10th through March 16th, 2020, during which detectives posed as girls and boys online—on social media platforms and on-line dating sites—to investigate those who prey upon and travel to meet children for unlawful sexual activity….In all, detectives arrested 16 suspects, including a registered sexual predator; a Navy veteran who works for Disney Vacation Club; an assistant youth soccer coach; a grandfather with 9 grandchildren; and two full-time college students.”

Joint Human Trafficking Operation Results in Eight Arrests
JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — (AP) — “A two-day undercover operation by Tennessee authorities led to the arrest of eight men accused of seeking sex from minors.”

Takedown Results in Six Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges
RICHMOND, Va.“Over 80 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers and agents executed a coordinated takedown today in several Richmond neighborhoods resulting in six arrests of individuals on drug trafficking charges and the recovery of multiple firearms, ammunition, magazines, and illegal drugs.”

Q - world is about to change

Coronavirus lockdown helps Italian police nab ‘leading’ mobster
ROME, ITALY“A top Ndrangheta clan member was arrested in Italy after police, helped by the anti-coronavirus lockdown, spotted the fugitive smoking inside a seemingly deserted safe house, authorities said Friday. Cesare Cordi, described by police as a ‘leading figure of the Ndrangheta of Locri’ in southern Calabria, had been on the run since August, when a judge issued a warrant for the 42-year-old’s arrest.”

298 Arrested in Corruption Cases; SR379mn Involved
RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA“In the latest crackdown on corruption, 674 people were rounded up and 298 of them have been charged and arrested, Saudi Arabia’s Control and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) said on Sunday.”

Exercise Defender-Europe 20 UPDATE

“Since January, the Army deployed approximately 6,000 Soldiers from the United States to Europe including a division headquarters and an armored brigade combat team. It has moved approximately 9,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment from Army Prepositioned Stocks and approximately 3,000 pieces of equipment via sea from the United States. And, in coordination with Allies and partners, it also completed movement of Soldiers and equipment from multiple ports to training areas in Germany and Poland.”

Over 150,000 Sealed Indictments

Did you know that there are well over 150,000 sealed indictments? The number keeps climbing. If you want to see the current number of indictments and where they are located, go to www.qmap.pub/cases.

sealed indictments in the US

The Truth Can No Longer Be Kept Buried: The Masses Are Awakening!

Liz Crokin has been doing great investigative work for a long time now. She has exposed what many of these world leaders, high-level officials, Pedowood, and all the rest of these deep state creeps have been doing to our children.

The truth has been so scary that Twitter tried to shut Liz up by first shutting down her account and then allowing an imposter to take over her Twitter identity. This faker recently told people not to wash their hands during this coronavirus outbreak. Thankfully, this account has recently been shut down.

A word of warning: Be careful who you follow out there….AND always do your own research.

Coronavirus Cover for Mass Arrests? Part II

Ricky Gervais exposes PedowoodLiz shares some compelling information about the things that are happening behind the scenes right now.

Do you wonder why MSM (and Hollywood freaks) are continually promoting hysteria about this Chinese virus? Constantly hammering President Trump about anything he does?

They don’t want you to know what IS really happening.

Unfortunately, #PizzaGate IS real!

It’s time to expose it all….

  • what your favorite Hollywood stars and musicians and athletes have been doing in exchange for fame
  • what your creepy politicians have been doing in exchange for power
  • what the deep state cabal does, all the while flaunting it in plain sight, while you are asleep in front of your tvs and devices (aka being good little sheep by following the paid puppets of MSM and Pedowood “stars”).

what is Q?

Got Time On Your Hands?

Why don’t you do something productive while you are self-quarantining at home? As Liz notes in the video above, it looks like some of the censorship is easing up on Google. Now is the time to do your research on these topics. Don’t believe me?

How about Q? You can look at every single Q post since they began on October 28, 2017. There have been 3,895 Q posts with lots of very interesting questions and information.

Read the q posts, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Q is not a cult. It is a way to provide information directly to Americans and people across the world so that we can determine THE TRUTH for ourselves. No one tells us what to think, what to feel, or what to do.


great awakening is biblical

My go-to site is WWW.QMAP.PUB. This website has much more information than all the Q posts. It has a list of top official resignations, descriptions of the “players” in this silent war, a number of videos and proofs that Q is directly connected to (or is) President Trump (Q+), and more.

Ever wonder why the MSM continually writes hit pieces on Q, Qanon, and our followers? Why don’t they ask President Trump directly about Q?

twilight zone - fake newsThey want us to look like losers, wack jobs, and conspiracy freaks so that you pay no attention to what is really being exposed by Q.

Take Note: The shills are now out in full force, creating fake information and fake Q people. They are working hard to discredit all of us.

If you are a good critical thinker, and do your own research, you WILL be able to discern the truth!

Epstein Island Will Blow the Lid Off Their Crimes

Don’t you find it just a bit odd that the whole Jeffrey Epstein episode has disappeared from MSM? Gee….I wonder why that is.

Have you seen the list of names of people who have visited Epstein Island? There are lots of names of MSM paid puppets, world leaders, presidents, Hollywood freaks, musicians, and more. If you have not seen this list, I recommend that you do some research.

Some believe that Epstein is a keystone to everything the cabal has done.

#EpsteinsIsland ~ #LostFootage show #JeffreyEpstein with #Billionaire Cast-aways ~ A #MusicalMeme

“Laugh a little, LEARN a Lot! Were those idiots gaslighting us with Gilligan’s Isle… Hmmmm?

“Sometimes, and especially NOW, a little humour can make a dark topic a little easier to broach with people. Please share this #REDPill with the world so we can hasten the end of this HORRIFIC Chapter of human history…#DarkToLight!”

Click here to view more videos on the RAW Q Boswin Channel.

where we go one we go allAbove all, KEEP CALM and CARRY ON….

President Trump, Q, and the Patriots are all looking out for We The People here in the United States and across the world.

Please share this post with others…and check back for more TRUTH….coming soon.