The World IS About to Change

Can you feel it?! Something BIG is coming! Those of us who have refused to buy into the mainstream media (MSM) propaganda and lies (and who have done our due diligence in researching everything), KNOW that the PLAN will be carried out, when the timing is right.

strongest weapon is a patriotWe The People KNOW that the 2020 Election was a landslide WIN for President Trump!

We The People SEE the traitors who have revealed themselves with their recent actions against President Trump!

We The People TRUST the PLAN that has been designed to take down the deep state corruption here in the US and across the globe!

We The People BELIEVE that worldwide suffering and our slavery to the cabal will be ENDING SOON!

We The People PRAY for President Trump and ALL the PATRIOTS who have been fighting the invisible enemy and this war!

Trump Administration Accomplishments

President Trump fighting for usThe White House published a long list of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments during his presidency.

See the list here: Trump Administration Accomplishments.

We have NEVER had a President who has accomplished so much in his first term! President Trump has done more for the American people than any other president in my lifetime. He has fought nonstop for We The People and he continues to fight for us.

President Trump will NOT give up and neither should we!

The video below speaks to the TRUTH and why President Trump was elected in 2016. It speaks to everything he has been up against in this fight against the current corrupt system.

President Trump LOVES this country and We The People!


President Trump made a statement to MSM paid puppets years ago now: “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

The paid puppets tried to get him to answer their questions about what storm he was talking about.

President Trump’s reply: “You’ll find out.”

Many of us believe that the STORM has arrived, and we are all going to find out the TRUTH very soon!

Click on the image below to view the video.

calm before the storm

You Cannot Hide the Truth OR Silence Our Voices

big tech censors truthAs I mentioned before, Twitter removed two of my accounts. I am one of thousands of accounts that have been shut down across the social media platforms. It is why there are so many broken links on this website now.

Despite big tech’s desire to shut us down and bury the TRUTH, WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. Many people have joined Gab, myself included.

You can follow me on Gab at Rumble is also a platform where many people are posting their videos. You can sign up for free at

Trump’s 10-Day Ban Is on the 17th! Suicide Weekend?

I followed SantaSurfing on Twitter, but her account was taken down. You can find her videos on Rumble now.

Many events are unfolding, some behind the scenes, as she shares in the video below.

As always, please do your own research. It is YOUR responsibility to find the TRUTH!

What Is Really Going On in Washington, DC?

truth always winsThere have been video clips of the activities in Washington, DC, posted all over Gab. There is a huge military presence there, as well as the National Guard who have been called in to “protect” the Inauguration against people like me (Patriots).

Sure, that’s the story they are telling us.

The question you need to ask is: If illegally elected Biden is only appearing virtually, then why are there so many troops on the ground?!

What is the REAL REASON for all the fencing, barricades, checkpoint gates, CCTV cameras, and other security measures?!!

Click on the image to view the video below.

military in DC

Q- The Plan to Save the World

Trust the plan! We are all in good hands.

Military intelligence and other people who have devised this plan have strategized for many, many years. The Patriots are in control!!

Click on the image below to view the video.

Q - The plan to save the world

Continue to pray, make your voices heard, and hold the line.

new world Q

The TRUTH shall be revealed!

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