I joined Twitter in March of 2020. I was sick and tired of seeing all the mainstream media (MSM) propaganda and lies. So I set up an account and started retweeting articles, videos, and photos with the TRUTH. I used lots of hashtags because this was initially the way that I found a lot of great information on Twitter (without actually having an account).

I knew that many people who are now awakening to the corruption and lies would be coming to Twitter and may do the same thing to find information. Simply search on the hashtag, and you can see a lot of posts about all kinds of topics under that hashtag.

For example, I was using #WWG1WGA, #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE, #GreatAwakening, #GreatAwakeningWorldwide, #SheepNoMore, #TruthExposed, #WakeUp, #WakeUpAmerica, #FreeFlynn, #VoteThemOut, #WeThePeople, #Trump2020Landslide, #CoronavirusHysteria, #CoronavirusLies, #Plandemic, #FauciFraud, #FireFauci, #BillGatesIsEvil, #Pedowood, #HollywoodPedos, #Qanon, #QArmy, #DigitalSoldiers, #DigitalSoldiersWorldwide, and more.

I encourage you to go to Twitter and search on these hashtags yourself. I guarantee that you will find some very enlightening information! Be careful of the trolls who spread lies and try to smear the people revealing the truth.

censorship and oppressionI only had 19 followers but my 283 posts were showing up everywhere under these hashtags. I was thrilled that people were seeing the TRUTH, and the MSM and dem lies were being exposed.

Imagine my surprise when Twitter suspended my account….just like that.

I received no warnings, and no explanation of why my account was suspended….other than I had somehow violated their rules.

I have heard about many patriots and conservatives being shut down like this.

Twitter has been censoring our voices for a long time now. People sign up for accounts and post the TRUTH until they get shut down. Then, they open up new accounts and start posting all over again.

Over and over this happens, especially when using certain words that are flagged by the censors or their little algorithms. It is one of the reasons people post memes. There are no printed words, and the algorithms can’t identify them in a photo or video (as long as the words are not spoken.)

social distancing obey


Censoring speech and controlling information is a police-state tactic used by communist countries.

Is this what the United States of America is becoming?! People better WAKE UP before it is too late!!

Of course, we know that Facebook has been censoring conservative voices for a long time, as well. Did you know about their recent efforts to dispel “disinformation” about Covid-19?

Most recently, they are taking down all content where people are organizing protests against state “orders.” Click on the title below to learn more.

Blue State Governors Demand Facebook Remove Information Organizing Protests Against Their “Orders” – Facebook Complies…

The questions you need to ask: Why are they shutting down the voices of We The People and what don’t they want you to know?

Perhaps they do NOT want you to know that these “lockdowns” and shutting down economies do NOTHING to stop the spread of the virus.

Did you know that the eight US states that have still not issued statewide shelter-in-place ordinances are below the national average in coronavirus cases and deaths, per capita?

See the video below with Tucker, who presents actual statistics and FACTS.

Tucker: Are Coronavirus Lockdowns Working?


Exposing the Truth About the Coronavirus “Pandemic”

Or perhaps they don’t want you to know that the models are WILDLY INACCURATE and the REAL numbers of coronavirus are very similar to the flu. View the videos below of doctors exposing the TRUTH about the numbers of coronavirus infection and deaths.

Millions of cases! Small amount of deaths!!

The Next News Network: BREAKING! This ER Doctor Just NUKED Fauci’s Pandemic Fraud Straight to Hell!

THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER ON YOUTUBE: View the highlights of the press conference by Dr. Erickson, DO, Accelerated Urgent Care, from Bakersfield, CA.

YouTube is taking down all these videos of this press conference with these two doctors. The video I had posted previously no longer exists on the Next News Network channel.

So, I am posting this video below via another video platform so that you can watch the whole press conference. It is definitely worth your time to see what these two ER doctors have to say about covid-19. I wonder what they don’t want you to know?!!!

Click here to see the full press conference with two of these doctors exposing the truth on Covid-19. This link is also broken because YouTube censored this video. I bet ABC isn’t complaining because they didn’t really want you to see it anyway.

Watch more videos on https://banned.video.

Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics

See the video below of many doctors who disagree with the alarmist narrative being pushed by MSM, dems, and the “experts.”

The numbers are in on the great Covid-19 pandemic . . . but unfortunately those numbers are unreliable. From mendacious models and puffed-up projections to dodgy death data and tainted tests, today on The Corbett Report James highlights what the accredited scientists and award-winning researchers are saying about the pandemic pandemonium of 2020.

See more videos on The Corbett Report on YouTube.


Big Tech Is Now Censoring Even More Voices

Youtube censorshipYouTube has also been censoring conservative voices for a long time. However, they are getting much more aggressive.

Recently, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that they will now be taking down ALL videos that go against the World Health Organization (WHO). She deems this as a violation of YouTube policies. Click on the title below to learn more.

YouTube CEO: Anything that goes against the WHO is a violation of YouTube policies

According to Susan, all content that isn’t “medically substantiated,” such as advising people to take Vitamin C, will be also removed by the platform. I wonder if this includes the recent light therapy that President Trump spoke about. Click on the title below to see the actual research that shows the effectiveness of this UV approach.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation: Is it time to remember “the cure that time forgot”?

Hmmm….I wonder what else they do NOT want you to know?!

Perhaps they don’t want people to know that the Director of the WHO is NOT a medical doctor and is a terrorist. Click the title below to read the article and view a video about Director Dr. Tedros and his ties to an organization that was designated as a terror group by US officials.

WHO director was a leader of a political group designated as a terrorist organization by US officials

Or, perhaps they don’t want you to know that Bill Gates is directly connected to and gives LOTS of money to the WHO. And, did you know that the daughter of Dr. Birx works for the Gates Foundation? These people are ALL connected.

Bill Gates does not vaccinate his kidsHow about that Bill Gates and his “vaccines” have been responsible for many deaths in India and in Africa?

Bill Gates is NOT a doctor, yet there are many photos of him administering his “life-saving vaccines.”

Did you know that Bill Gates has NEVER vaccinated his children? This information has been scrubbed from the internet; however, I read and linked to an article about this in a previous blog post that is no longer available.

Or perhaps they don’t want you to know that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are part of a global vaccine initiative….along with a global movement for chipping everyone so that they can track us all. Click on the titles below to learn more.

Bill Gates will use microchip implants to fight coronavirus

What Is ID2020 All About?

As I keep saying: If you think this is simply about a virus, you have not been paying attention.

View the illuminating video below by Amazing Polly to learn more.

The 7-step Recipe For Creating Vaccine Demand

The Center For Disease Control has become the Marketing arm of “Global Heath’s” vaccine mania. What person is the main Vaccine Maniac? Bill Gates. RFK Jr seems to agree. Lots of info in this video.

View more videos on the Amazing Polly YouTube Channel.


Why Don’t They Want You to Know About Potential Cures for Covid-19?

For sure, we KNOW that they don’t want you to know about the hydroxichloriquine protocols that work. Or the potential UV irradiation treatments.

All you need to do is look at all the FAKE NEWS about these options. Click on the titles below to read the articles.

Bill Gates plandemicTrump Derangement Syndrome Becomes a Threat to Public Health

Potential Wuhan Coronavirus Treatment Uses UV Light to Disinfect Lungs

Trump’s idea for “disinfecting” people to fight disease is already being done

MSM and dems are working overtime to make President Trump look like a buffoon and lie about what he says. They constantly smear him and make up stories so that the sheep out there will not pay any attention to what he says.

And certainly, they do NOT want people speaking up about any medical protocol that was promoted by President Trump. Read the articles below to learn how dems and MSM continually try to control the narrative.

Democratic lawmaker who thanked Trump to face censure vote from Michigan Democrats

The media’s agenda has done (and continues to do) enormous damage to America

It’s also pretty obvious that MSM paid propagandists are trying to hide the truth because they don’t want you to know about any kind of drug protocol or alternative treatment that is saving lives.

See my previous blog post Coronavirus Hysteria: Can the Fake News Get Any Worse?

After all, the more deaths there are, the more they can blame President Trump!


THE GOOD NEWS: People Are Standing Up to These Police-State Tactics

quarantines are for sick peopleBelow are a sampling of articles that demonstrate We The People have had enough of the tyranny.

Protesters Descend On Wisconsin Capitol To Send A Message: We’re Done Staying Home

MUST SEE VIDEO: Idaho Protesters Rally at the Home of Police Officer Who Arrested Woman for Taking Kids to Playground

Michiganders Protest Gov. Whitmer’s Stay-At-Home Order

Police Have Started Revolting Against Draconian Coronavirus Edicts From Local Tyrants

LORD: Reopen Rebellion Hits Pennsylvania

California Bans Protests On State Property After Large ‘Shutdown’ Protest Against Gov. Newsom

New York Snitch Line Bombarded With Subversive Liberty Memes, Vulgar Pictures and Propaganda Against The State…

dangerous freedom over peaceful slaveryA Final Note: I will be returning to Twitter again. I will not allow them to silence my voice so easily.

I am continually inspired by all the incredible patriots out there who fight for our freedom. I am forever grateful to President Trump, his family, the United States Military, Q and the Qanon community, and all the digital soldiers worldwide for your strong commitment to liberty!

For those of you who do not know, there is a silent war going on right now.


However, you will not find it on MSM or in any of your leftist publications. Remember this: Those who scream the loudest have the most to lose.

We The People will continue to stand up for our constitutional rights!

Please share this blog post with others. Thank you!!