Following is a direct post from Q:

A picture is worth many sentences.

What do you suppose is meant by this post? It is your job to figure it out. No one in this Qanon movement will tell you what to think. Do your own research and think for yourself!

In recognition of this Q post, I’d like to feature some of my favorite memes, since many of them speak VOLUMES and forecast what is coming. It will be your choice to know. Will you choose to remain in the dark?

Or, will you CHOOSE to SEE the TRUTH?

Click on the images below to enlarge.

declassify FISA
Gitmo for life
summary of Hillary crimes
countries donate to Clinton Foundation
hillary uranium deal
obama presidency a lie
ready for military tribunals
globalism truth
Q power to the people
Q info operation


“An introduction to QAnon and the biggest approved intel drop in US history. Pay attention folks…. President Trump is draining the swamp right in front of your eyes.”

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Thank you for sharing these posts! More truth coming soon…please check back.