Mainstream media (MSM) is doing everything in its power to control the Q narrative. They continue to bash us, call us names, and call this Qanon movement nothing but a conspiracy theory. Their FAKE NEWS and LIES have ratcheted up to a new level against Q and anyone who supports Q. MSM is smearing us almost as much as they smear President Trump! Click here to read my previous blog post Panic Over Qanon: What They Don’t Want You to Know.


They are afraid that more and more people will wake up to the TRUTH! And, that is EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING…ALL ACROSS THE WORLD!! IT is so exciting to see the GREAT AWAKENING happening before our very eyes!!! You won’t find it on MSM, however. Turn them off and do your own research, folks, if you want to KNOW what is really happening…

Matt Patten wears Q patch

Have You Seen This Photo of Matt Patten Wearing a Q Patch?

Here is an obviously accomplished professional with years of service in law enforcement.

His wife posted on Twitter that Matt has: “26 yrs on Swat, 31 yrs in the agency, 4 life saving awards, multiple commendations, 2 gold crosses, Unit of the year, SWAT Operator of the year in 2016, hostage rescued, and ZERO disciplinary action in his personnel folder in 31 YEARS OF SERVICE.”

I ask you: Why would an intelligent human being like Matt be wearing this symbol, if Q is just a conspiracy theory?


Time to Wake Up All You Nonbelievers

Q great awakeningYou are being deceived by MSM!

MSM did all they could to vilify Matt, vilify Q, and make sure that everyone knows WE THE PEOPLE who follow Q are nothing but a bunch of wack job conspiracy theorists.

For those who are AWAKE, we KNOW the TRUTH and we KNOW WHAT IS COMING! Q is the greatest military operation of our time.

Unfortunately, Matt Patten, despite his years of extraordinary service, has now been demoted by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office simply for wearing this patch Q – Question the Narrative.

I guess it’s not all that surprising, given that Broward County is filled with deep state corrupt officials who will do anything to keep their power and control.


Wake Up to the Truth: Qanon Is a Global Movement

Q in Berlin

Q in the Hague

Why Is There an MSM Blackout of the Protests in France, Belgium, and Germany?

There is limited MSM news coverage of WE THE PEOPLE RISING UP ACROSS THE WORLD. And, MSM would like you to believe that the protests in France are all about a gas tax. This is another lie!

Macron is a dictator

In reality, people are fed up with the globalist policies of President Emmanual Macron. They are tired of his extreme climate change agenda, high taxes, and low wages. Some of the police are supporting the people in their protests against Macron. Note: Twitter has removed this account so you can no longer see the video below.

french police join protesters against Macron

Qanon No Coincidences – Trump in Poland

This video is from a Canadian woman named Polly who follows Q, and she has done some very interesting research on various topics. Click here to watch more of Amazing Polly’s videos.

In this video, she shares her ideas about President Trump’s visit to Poland in July of 2017, and some compelling parallels with the Q movement and the resistance of the people in Warsaw. President Trump’s speech is quite powerful and enlightening. Polly includes a video clip of it, and I encourage you to watch it.

Poland symbol fighting for freedomAn interesting connection is that when the people of the Warsaw Resistance Movement fought the Nazis and the Soviets, they used a symbol called Kotwica, posting it everywhere. It was a kind of psychological warfare carried out by boy scouts, as they posted it as a symbol of their fight for freedom.

And Warsaw’s underground movement was called “Operation Tempest.”

Interesting that today, we see “Q” everywhere. And the mainstream media tries to smear it as a conspiracy theory.

And, President Trump kicks off the Q movement with a comment about “the calm before the storm,” and now we call it “The Storm.” View the video clip of President Trump giving this cryptic warning to MSM, who don’t have a clue what it is about.

Finally, Where We Go One We Go All is the motto of the Q movement, and the Warsaw people’s resistance used the motto For Our and Your Freedom.”

Of course, here in the US, we are not in physical warfare or daily combat with our enemy as the people were in Poland. However, it doesn’t mean that our military and other people have not given up their lives in this fight to take back our freedom and to reveal the truth.

coincidence is a plan in disguiseThere is much going on behind the scenes in this silent takedown of the deep state right now. And, there have been many people throughout the years who have tried to expose the truth, only to be murdered and silenced forever.

We certainly are fighting for our freedom, for our children’s freedom, and for the freedom of the United States of America.

We are fighting to reveal the truth about the deep state, their heinous crimes, and their devious plot to take over the world.

Do You Believe in Coincidences?

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