Well, it has come to an end…the witch hunt that was fabricated by Hillary Clinton and her cronies is finally over! Those of us who are AWAKE have known the truth for a long time: THERE WAS NO RUSSIA-TRUMP COLLUSION.

Click here to read the letter from Attorney General Barr to the House and Senate Judiciary Committee.

Yet, we know that mainstream media (MSM), aka mockingbird media, aka paid propagandists, aka THE LIARS, and the corrupt democrats will concoct a new story now, and spin some other lies that have no basis in reality.

In fact, the collusion delusion continues…as expected. What will MSM and dems have to say when the REAL COLLUSION IS REVEALED? The real Russia collusion was perpetrated by Hillary Clinton, Obama, the top FBI and DOJ officials, the dems, and ALL the MSM puppets. And all these criminal details of the REAL COLLUSION will be revealed….

Click on the image below to hear what Dan Bongino has to say about MSM and dems continual delusional fabrications:
no russia trump collusion

Click on the titles below to read the articles from people who actually live in reality.

The Media’s Role in Pushing The False Russian Collusion Conspiracy….

Top 10 Propagandists Who Pushed Russia Collusion Hoax

FISA legalized treasonDid Trump Really Do All That?

I ask you to consider: Why are the Dems and MSM so intent on taking down President Trump?

What are they afraid of? What does President Trump know about them? What kinds of crimes have THEY committed? Why are their LIES considered TREASON?


This is the real reason that Rachel Maddow was crying. She KNOWS the gig is up, and there will be no deals! GITMO IS STOCKED AND READY for all these fools who thought they had the American public fooled forever.

And for all those Rachel Maddow lovers out there: IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP AND GET IN REALITY!


These MSM Criminals Are Complicit

The image below says it all…

MSM reporters crimes

The List of Sealed Indictments Keeps Growing and Growing


We The People Want to Know: Where Are the Children?

crimes against humanity

Unfortunately, there is so much more to come…some of it so unbelievable and horrible that people who are not awake will have a very difficult time integrating the truth. I cannot sleep some nights after doing the research regarding the heinous crimes these people have perpetrated against children.

trump declares war on child traffickingWHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? Where are the children, Hillary Clinton? Where are the children, Adam Schiff? Where are the children, Nancy Pelosi? Where are the children, Red Cross? Where are the children????

Perhaps you mistakenly believe that these foundations are all about helping children. That is the furthest thing from the truth!

Below is a video that provides some of the highlights of the information that has been uncovered. What really stands out is President Trump’s strong stance against child and human trafficking. Yet, MSM never covers these stories. Hmmmmm….I wonder why.

I strongly recommend that you watch the videos below, if you want to view a glimpse of the truth. NOTE: There are not any graphic photos, but there is disturbing information.

Where Are The Children? (((Qanon)))



Chief Counsel Robert David Steele: ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse


All videos from the London seating are available at https://commission.itnj.org.

It IS All Connected

Below is a video from Amazing Polly, who does an excellent job researching and finding the connections. In this video, she connects the dots….finding THE LIARS, the people behind the smear campaigns and lies against Tucker Carlson, along with exposing their other criminal activities.


Tucker Attacked by the Richest Most Twisted Swamp Creatures Ever

“Buckle up.”

“I’m going to show you exactly why no one should listen to these freaks at Media Matters or any of their sick, depraved billionaire donors and associates. These swamp creatures are perverted goons whose crimes are not only covered up but whitewashed by the media! … more…”

“They call us names?? They DARE to lecture us about ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion?’ Are you kidding me? In this video I show the history of David Brock, John & Tony Podesta, George Soros and other mega donors to Media Matters. I also go over the links they have to pe-do-ph-il-ia and how the Clintons help the worst scum of the Earth to avoid jail time.”

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