It is truly amazing that these deep state criminals think that they can escape justice by running for office. They continually smear President Trump for “digging up dirt” on his political opponents.

Yet, that is EXACTLY what these corrupt politicians have done since BEFORE Donald J Trump was running for office. The deep state dems are well versed in accusing others of exactly what they have been doing.

Joe Biden most corrupt politician

Can you say “projection”?

The mainstream media (MSM) paid propagandists will also do anything to protect their candidates. They keep saying the the whole Ukraine corruption with Biden and his family members has been debunked.

Debunked by whom?

The Bidens were never investigated, so how could this corruption be debunked?

To learn more about this Ukraine corruption, read my previous blog post What Are They Hiding? What Is Their “Real” Reason for This Impeachment Hoax?

The Evidence on Biden Corruption Revealed: The Common Sense Podcast

I recently started listening to the Common Sense podcast by Rudy Giuliani. In each episode, Rudy lays out the evidence of the corruption in Ukraine. It is quite enlightening.

I encourage you to check it out if you want to know the truth. It speaks volumes that the United States DOJ, FBI, and other government officials refused to accept any of this evidence from the Ukrainians who tried to share it with them.

That is why they eventually approached Rudy Giuliani, and it was PRIOR to Joe Biden announcing his run for president. Check out the episode below.

Proving Extensive Corruption & Criminal Conduct by the Biden Family Enterprise | Common Sense Ep. 6


If any of us took the kind of money Biden and his Family extracted from his public offices, that as Senator and Vice President, we would already be convicted!

The pattern: Biden is named Point Man in Iraq, Ukraine, and China ► Biden fails in his mission for the U.S., yet the Biden Family scores millions upon millions for the Enterprise.

Go to to see more episodes of Common Sense.


The Democrats Did Everything They Accused Trump of Doing

Click on the image below to read the thread of information from Tetraites, The Regulator of Babylon, on Twitter.

It looks like the Twitter Nazis don’t want you to see this information…they suspended this account.

Biden corruption truth by Tetraites

“The fact that Joe Biden violated the law years before he announced he was running for the presidency blows Adam Schiff’s lies about President Trump out of the water. These facts were well known and covered up before Biden’s announcement.”


John Solomon and Just the News Expose Biden Corruption

Just the News
If you haven’t heard about Just the News, I highly recommend it. John Solomon and other investigative reporters have launched this new online source for the TRUTH. Check it out at is a back-to-the-future initiative where old-fashioned, honest and exclusive reporting is delivered in a neutral voice, but delivered through the modern channels of YouTube, podcasting, e-books and social media. And in a twist of old and new, journalists deliver unprecedented transparency by offering a Dig Deeper tool on their Web site that allows consumers to see the underlying core materials and evidence that substantiate each story. These embeds replace the shaky promise of modern journalists to ‘just trust us, we’re right’ with ‘we trust readers to look at the facts and make up their own minds.'”

Click on the titles below to read the articles from Just the News.

Ukrainian court throws wrench into Joe Biden’s 2020 election plans

DOJ names two federal prosecutors to oversee investigation into Ukraine issues

Timeline of key events in Ukraine scandal that led to Trump impeachment

One America News Network: Trump Campaign to Magnify Biden’s Burisma Problem


“As the Democrat Party increasingly signals a Joe Biden nomination, President Trump predicts Biden’s burdens are only going to grow worse. One America’s chief White House correspondent Chanel Rion has more from Washington.”

justice with Barr and DurhamThe time is coming for these criminals to be held accountable. There have been a number of indictments that have been unsealed and arrests that have been made.

Did you see this recent indictment?

Former Acting Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Indicted on Theft of Government Property and Scheme to Defraud the United States Government

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More truth will be revealed soon, so please check back.