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President Trump Signs Executive Order to Prevent Online Censorship

We are in an information war! We The People stand up for TRUTH against the Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube censors.

On May 28, President Trump signed an Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship. Click here to read the executive order.

It’s exciting to see that big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are finally being exposed for what they are.

They are PUBLISHING platforms that CONTROL the narrative and your reality.

They are NOT about free speech and they are DEFINITELY NOT neutral platforms, as they have brainwashed many into believing.

View the article from The Conservative Treehouse: President Trump Signs Executive Order – Directing Efforts to Prevent On-Line Censorship – Video and XO

See the video below of President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr describing this executive order and what it will do.

Examples of Big Tech Censorship and Editorializing

I have written a number of blog posts about this issue. I’ve referenced numerous videos, articles, and other resources in these posts. Click on the titles below to learn more.

Google removes “covfefe” from Arabic dictionary

Police-State Tactics: What Don’t They Want You To Know?

Big Tech and MSM Continue Their Lies and Censorship: They Manipulate and Control ALL the Information You See

Election Meddling RAMPS UP: Big Tech Censors Conservative Voices

CENSORSHIP of Political View Points and Free Speech: How to Influence an Election

FCC commissioner welcomes President Trump’s executive order on social media

“President Trump’s recent executive order is aimed at getting social media companies to operate without political bias. In an exclusive interview, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr told One America’s John Hines the move could bring about change online moving forward.”

For more news, go to One America News Network: www.oann.com

Twitter ‘Fact Checks’ President Trump’s Tweet

twitter is hitlerTwitter has lost all credibility by “fact checking” President Trump’s tweet on mail-in voter fraud.

What is most ridiculous is that they used CNN fake news puppets as the evidence for their “facts.” Are you kidding me?!

CNN, the communist news network, NEVER tells the truth. They constantly spin stories, make up information, and outright lie, citing their “anonymous” sources.

And, have you read the tweets of Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth? yoel roth biased fact checker

He certainly is unbiased…sure, he is!

And how about the “fact checkers” at Facebook? They are unbiased, as well, I am sure….NOT! Click on the titles below to learn more.

Facebook’s Fact Checkers Decline to Correct Coronavirus Misinformation from Verizon-Owned HuffPost

Dr. Fei-Fei Li – a Stanford Professor and former Google Vice President linked with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) projects – has been appointed to the board at Twitter as an ‘independent advisor.’

Twitter Targets Trump Again, Flagging Tweet After Executive Order

Mail-In Voter Fraud Has Been Proven

There are articles all over the internet that show the evidence of mail-in voter fraud. Go back a few years, and even the corrupt dems like Jerry Nadler were saying how fraud happens often with mail-in ballots. Below are a few examples.

Reject Universal Mail-In Balloting to Protect the 2020 Election

BUSTED: Democrat Voter Fraud Tactics No Longer Work

Click on the image below to view the video with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany highlighting some of the recent articles on mail-in voter fraud.

Kayleigh McEnany on voter fraud

Justice Is Coming for Big Tech!

The most exciting aspect of this change, if it happens, is that big tech will no longer be exempt from lawsuits. We The People will be able to sue them for defamation and for their lies. WoooHoooo!!

Click on the titles below to learn more.

It’s Time To Stop Pretending Twitter Is Neutral

“If Twitter wants to editorialize and ‘factcheck’ President Trump’s tweets with disclaimers, then it should be treated like any other publisher.”

“Social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have been censoring and editorializing for years under the absurd pretext that they were just enforcing their own ‘community guidelines,’ not weighing in on the merits of what their users were saying or embedding their own biases into the site’s rules.”

Exclusive: Matt Gaetz Drafting Bill to Drop Big Tech’s Legal Immunity over One-Sided ‘Fact Checks’

“Gaetz noted that social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook enjoy a special liability protection under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This immunity shields them from lawsuits if they were to remove and host content.”

“The Communications Decency Act stipulates that a platform, such as Twitter, cannot be sued for what users post on their platform as long as they act as platforms and not publishers.”

Trump Signs Social Media Executive Order to ‘Protect and Uphold Free Speech Rights’

“’We’re here today to defend free speech from one of the greatest dangers it has faced in American history, frankly, and you know what’s going on as well as anybody….This censorship and bias is a threat to freedom itself,’” Trump said.

“He said that social media companies have had ‘unchecked power to censure, restrict, edit, shape, hide, alter virtually any form of communication between private citizens or large public audiences’ and added that if he were able to shut Twitter down, he would.”

Learn More: 47 U.S. Code § 230.Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material

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