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human trafficking - 2nd most profitable businessI wonder how many people realize that the Super Bowl is also a human trafficking event. I certainly wasn’t aware of this fact. Click on the title below to read the article:

DHS and Partners Using Wide Range of Resources to Protect Super Bowl LIV

I also wasn’t aware of the fact that the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world is the sex trafficking of children. Or, the fact that modern-day slavery is alive and well with more people being enslaved today than any other time in the world.

Human trafficking in its many forms is far more prevalent than many realize. It is an extremely lucrative illicit activity with estimated annual global profits of $150 billion.* Note that this statistic is from 2014! 

*International Labour Organization, Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour (Geneva: International Labour Organization, 2014) 

It doesn’t seem possible, does it?

Candace Owens’ recent podcast really opened my eyes to what is happening across the world. View the video below.

The Candace Owens Show: Tim Ballard


 “Slavery is alive and well today. Human trafficking is a booming business that is being propelled by both the powerful and our on-demand sexualized culture. Tim Ballard, former special agent and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, joins Candace to discuss how society aids this multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise.”

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White House Summit on Human Trafficking

“President Trump delivered remarks at a White House summit on human trafficking. He’s joined by Vice President Pence and Bella Hounakey, a human trafficking survivor. Following his remarks, the president signed an executive order. The summit was hosted in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protections Act (TVPA).” Click on the image below to view the video.
Human Trafficking Summit

Read the complete transcript of this video: Remarks by President Trump at the White House Summit on Human Trafficking: The 20th Anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000

Below are a few highlights:

President Trump states: “My administration is 100% committed to eradicating human trafficking from the earth.”

Laura Silsby child trafficker and ClintonsThese are not simply words or a promise that goes unfulfilled by another corrupt politician. Since he first came into office, President Trump has been working diligently to end human trafficking. On February 9, 2017, he signed Executive Order 13773 Enforcing Federal Law With Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.

Bella Hounakey, a trafficking survivor and the newest member of the US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking also spoke at this summit. View the video to hear Bella speak about her recent accomplishments. She affirms that human trafficking is NEVER the fault of victims, and this bad experience does not need to define you. There is always hope, and you are not alone!


President Trump also shared these statistics: 

“An estimated 25 million people around the world are being held captive, manipulated and abused by human traffickers.”
“In 2018, the Department of Justice shut down the leading site for online sex trafficking.”
“In the last three years, ICE has arrested over 5,000 human traffickers.”

President Trump and his administration have created more legislation aimed at combating human trafficking domestically and around the world than any other administration. During this summit, he signed another Executive Order on Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States.

And, “DHS formally recognized the fight against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation as a Departmental priority in a first-of-its-kind strategy, released on January 15.” Click here to see their strategy.  

Ivanka Trump and Attorney General William Barr Speak at the White House Summit on Combating Human Trafficking

President Trump also recognized and thanked Ivanka for her steadfast commitment to this issue: “Ivanka has also been a champion for administrative and legislative actions to combat human trafficking.”

Click on the image below to view the video.

Ivanka Trump and Attorney General Barr
Ivanka describes her experiences of meeting women who have survived being trafficked. Jessica, one of the women that Ivanka met, shares her story of overcoming childhood abuse, being trafficked and sold for sex, serious challenges with drug addiction, and losing custody of her children. With help, Jessica was able to transform her life, find a career, and regain custody of her children again. Jessica’s story is inspirational and a powerful testament to her courage and resilience…as well as showing what is possible when survivors find hope, love, and the services they need to rebuild their lives.


What Can You Do to Stop Human Trafficking?

combat human traffickingBelow are some resources where you can learn more about human trafficking and what to do if you believe someone is being trafficked.

The first step is to educate yourself so that you become aware of the problem and are able to recognize the signs. 

Blue Campaign: One Voice. One Mission. End Human Trafficking. – www.dhs.gov/blue-campaign

Indicators of Human Trafficking – www.dhs.gov/blue-campaign/indicators-human-trafficking

Trafficking Matters: Resources to Combat Human Trafficking – www.traffickingmatters.com

US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking – www.state.gov/u-s-advisory-council-on-human-trafficking

HSI Tip Form – www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form   Anonymous tips may be reported on this form and may also be reported to ICE via the toll-free HSI Tip Line at 866-347-2423.

Combating Trafficking in Persons: US Dept of Defense – https://ctip.defense.gov

Please share this post with others. Educate yourself, learn to spot the signs of someone being trafficked, and report it! Save our children, and shut this sick industry down!!

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