I have not posted for awhile. I have not wanted to give any energy to all this fake “impeachment” talk.

Constitution written for people like schiffMainstream media (MSM) paid puppets continue to spin their stories and tell their lies. I shake my head and wonder how people can continue to believe these OBVIOUS fabrications.

I ask you: How many hoaxes and how much corruption needs to be exposed before you little sheeple out there WAKE UP?!
I am continually amazed that the people sitting in front of their tvs and devices watching the actions of the corrupt dems (and the fake republicans who go along with them) don’t see anything wrong with this process.

Really?! Holding secret meetings and interviews?! Schiff meeting with the “whistleblower” to assist in the creation and filing of the complaint? Changing the rules so that secondhand information, which has NO evidence to back it up, can now be used to file complaints against others in the government?

Of course, their most corrupt action is YOU are GUILTY until proven innocent….this is what they have been doing to President Trump since he came into office.

What Country IS This?

You better take notice: If they can do this to a sitting president, imagine what these people will do to ordinary American citizens (AND what they have already done to many innocent people).


Tired of Fake “News,” Fake Impeachment, Fake Government Concern for We The People!

I am SO tired of these corrupt government officials wasting MY tax money on BS investigations and fake impeachment proceedings. Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova pretty much sum up the REAL ISSUES in the video below. Click on the image to view the video.


Lou Dobbs video on impeachment

Trump fake impeachment

What Are These Ridiculous Accusations and the Nonstop Criticism of President Trump Really About?

The ridiculous accusations and criticism of President Trump continues. MSM paid propagandists, dems, corrupt government officials, and deep state puppets will do anything to take down this president.

Have you asked yourself WHY?!

It is because they KNOW and can SEE what is coming….The wheels of justice are slowly coming down the track, and these puppets who have participated in treason and sedition WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

I try to keep my sense of humor about it all, and detach from their negative narratives by finding the patriots out there that support President Trump. I love some of the videos @Hodgetwins. Click on the image below to see the video.

HodgeTwins video on lynching

View more from the Hodgetwins on Twitter at https://twitter.com/hodgetwins.


CNN paid by deep state

So You Need More Evidence that MSM Puppets Are Propagandists?

Have you seen the Project Veritas videos that expose the truth about Jeff Zucker and CNN?

CNN is NOT about news. CNN is not objective. CNN is not journalism.

CNN is nothing more than paid propaganda. They focus ALL their efforts on trashing President Trump.

Watch the video below to see another HOAX (CNN) exposed.

PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

Go to Project Veritas to see the rest of the #ExposeCNN videos: www.projectveritas.com/.

ABC News HOAX Is Exposed

Here’s another hoax for you…think this was just a mistake? MSM puppets are getting sloppy. Our very smart citizen journalists continue to expose them for the paid propagandists that they are. And there are actually journalists that report the truth; however, you won’t find any journalists in MSM. Click on the title below to read the article.

ABC News Issues Correction, Deletes Gun Range Video Claimed to Be Syrian Conflict Footage

spygate obama corruption

Endless Propaganda and Lies – Time for FACTS and the TRUTH

It just continues….on and on and on, which is why there are days that I simply have to unplug from it all. Unfortunately, the BS narratives will continue until real justice is carried out. Check out THE TRUTH below.

Obama Photographer Suggests Trump Situation Room Photo Not Taken During Baghdadi Raid, Gets Busted by Facts

Washington Post Mourns Passing of “Austere Religious Scholar” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…

MUST READ… THE LIST: 8 Ways the Mueller Witchhunt and Lying Schiff’s Sham Impeachment Are Identical, Corrupt and Unconstitutional

How The Obama Administration Set In Motion Democrats’ Coup Against Trump

The American Deep State Would Sooner Sacrifice The Republic Than Lose Again To Donald Trump

Clinton campaign given defensive briefing about foreign threat, something Trump never got on Russia

GOHMERT: The Media Turns Fake Whistleblowers Into Heroes While Real Ones Get Punished

Durham Investigation Is Criminal: a Disaster for the MSM

Larry C. Johnson: Exposing John Brennan’s Secret CIA Trump Task Force?

Trump’s ‘Haters’ Are the Ones Breaking America, Says Kimberley Strassel


The Corruption Runs Deep But the Truth Runs Deeper and Cannot Be Stopped

Sidney Powell is exposing these deep state puppets and their criminal setup of General Flynn. Click on the image and titles below to see the information.

Sidney Powell exposes criminals in Flynn case

Sidney Powell Drops Bombshell Showing How The FBI Trapped Michael Flynn

FBI Agents Manipulated Flynn 302 Interview. His Case Must Be Dismissed. It Was A Setup.

Lee Smith: Deep State Used ‘Criminal Conspiracy’ to Stop Flynn’s Audit of Intelligence Agencies

If you’re not familiar with Sidney Powell’s work, see my blog post Support General Flynn and ALL the People Accused of Crimes They Did Not Commit.


pain is coming - Barr justice

Pain Is Coming to the Criminal Deep State Players

For those of us who have been aware of the ongoing corruption and deep state infiltration in our government, this journey has been a long one. However, as I have said before, I never thought I would see it in my lifetime that these corrupt and sick people would be exposed and held accountable for their crimes. I do believe that their free reign on this earth is coming to a close. I try to focus on the positive…and avoid the negative naysayers out there.

See the videos below with news of justice on the horizon. And the players are starting to roll over on each other!

Former FBI official James Baker Flipped, Cooperating with Barr Investigation

“All of Washington is now talking about the developments in the Barr investigation and the Sidney Powell filing. One America’s Jack Posobiec was joined by the leader of a top conservative group for this exclusive interview.”

Finally! DOJ Criminal Investigation of #Spygate, Smoking Gun Clinton Email Cover-Up Doc & MORE!

“The motto of Judicial Watch is ‘Because no one is above the law.’ To this end, Judicial Watch uses the open records or freedom of information laws and other tools to investigate and uncover misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities.”

For more information, go to www.judicialwatch.org


What The Mainstream Media Was Afraid To Tell You This Week

I love to watch Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler. She exposes the MSM for what they are….and covers news that I may have missed during the week. So, I will end this post with the following video:

When will the sheeple wake up and realize that MSM is only focused on taking down President Trump? MSM NEVER reports on “news” that is important to We The People. They only make up lies, smear the President, and try to convince their dwindling audiences that President Trump is unfit or was not duly elected. Yeah, right…have you seen the photos from President Trump’s rallies? This movement for FREEDOM and JUSTICE continues to expand exponentially!

Trump rally in Minneapolis

We shall see what happens to MSM when the indictments start coming….and they will be coming!

Please share this information with others, and check back…I will continue to post enlightening TRUTH as justice is being served.