“Today, we pause to honor the incredible life and accomplishments of Dr. King, who helped shape the Civil Rights Movement, gave hope to millions experiencing discrimination, and whose enduring memory inspires us to pursue a more just and equal society.” —President Trump Click here to see President Trump’s tweet.

It was exactly three years ago today that President Donald J Trump was sworn into office. How apropos that today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I believe that MLK would be happy to see all that President Trump has accomplished for the black community here in the US. Perhaps the best example is that African-American unemployment is the LOWEST in the history of our country.

Trump supports black communityPresident Trump has done much more for the black community than obama ever did. Consider his community support prior to becoming president and his administration’s ongoing work in the creation of new jobs for EVERYONE, the revitalization of economically distressed African-American neighborhoods, and the First Step Act. It’s no wonder that more and more African Americans are supporting the President.

In fact, there are growing numbers of citizens across the US who believe that President Trump has their best interests at heart. Below is a compelling article written by David J Harris, Jr., who lays out the ways in which the black community is benefiting under this presidency.

President Trump Has Finally Brought MLK’s Vision to Life

“Every year, the nation stops to honor and reflect on the meaning and mission of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life. We think about our American heritage, the Civil Rights Movement, and our constant struggle to become a more perfect union, guided by the ideals of our founding fathers.”

“On this MLK Day, there’s a lot to celebrate. Under President Trump’s leadership, African Americans are safer, wealthier, and more optimistic than ever — and he’s just getting started.”

“President Trump’s success terrifies Democrats, who have long relied on African American votes while consistently failing to deliver on their promises to improve conditions for us. Simply by creating the conditions for economic opportunity, this President has done more to empower the black community than any other politician in living memory — and in the process, he has completely discredited the misguided notion that African Americans need special treatment and government handouts in order to succeed.” Click here to read the full article.

The First Step Act: How It Benefits African Americans and Their Communities

Did you know? Black Americans make up 40% of the incarcerated population despite representing only 13% of US residents.*
*Statistic from www.prisonpolicy.org

The First Step Act was signed into law on December 21, 2018.

The First Step Act has helped many African Americans, who make up more than 91% of those released, according to the US Sentencing Commission. (Note: The 1994 Clinton Crime bill put record numbers of African Americans behind bars, often with harsh and long sentences that did not match their crimes.) See the statistics below, as one example.

“Thanks to this law, 1,051 crack offenders (more than 90 percent of whom are black) have seen sentence reductions, with the average reduction being from 20 to 14 years.” Click here to view the article The First Step Act Resulted in 1,151 Crack Sentence Reductions, and That’s Great.

View the video below for the highlights of this groundbreaking criminal justice reform.

First Step Act Celebration

The First Step Act has given many inmates a second chance. It also provides services and support so that after they are released, they can return and become successful members of their communities.

See the video and read the articles below to hear the stories of several of the people who have been released under this Act.

Clinton Stewart Released from Federal Prison in Colorado due to First Step Act Signed by President Trump

“Clinton Stewart, one of the #IRP5 businessmen wrongfully convicted in Denver, Colorado for a crime they didn’t commit was released from the Florence Prison Camp in Florence, CO due to the #FirstStepAct signed by President Donald Trump! To Learn more read this Press Release: http://bit.ly/2QuB8Su and check out www.freetheirp6.org.”

Click on the titles below to learn more about the First Step Act.

Alice Marie Johnson, granted clemency by Trump, moved to tears at SOTU

Matthew Charles: Saved by the First Step Act

Criminal Justice Reform Is About People, Not Posturing

EXCLUSIVE Op-Ed: White House Message to Black America

Department of Justice Announces Enhancements to the Risk Assessment System and Updates on First Step Act Implementation

Why African Americans Support President Trump

Here’s another great video by one of our patriots, highlighting the ways that President Trump has recognized and empowered African Americans and their communities.


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What People Are Saying About President Trump….

Many people are waking up to the continual lies and propaganda from mainstream media and the corrupt dems. They no longer believe that President Trump is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an islamophobe…whatever they choose to call him in the moment.

I am grateful to see that young people are discovering the truth, and making up their own minds, as well!

Click on the image below to view the video. Sorry, this video has been removed from Twitter.

Trump is not racist

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