I spent a good part of my weekend watching the historic events taking place in Washington, DC. I wish I could have been there in person. However, I did find a number of ways to access these events online. It was very exciting and inspiring to watch these courageous people stand up to MSM lies and propaganda and speak their truth!

Too bad mainstream media (MSM) missed out. Hmmmmmm…..I wonder why there was very little MSM coverage of these two events.

Could it be that MSM doesn’t want you to know the actual numbers of people leaving the Democrat Party?

Perhaps they don’t want you to know that this is a real movement? And that there are growing numbers of black people who support President Trump? That these “token” blacks who don’t read (their words, not mine) are everything but token and uneducated.

In fact, the groups of people at these two events are some of the smartest people around. They are people from all walks of life who made a different choice. They woke up, did their own research, critically examined the issues, stood up to speak out against MSM propaganda, and became leaders in their communities and across the US.

Below is a video of Brandon Straka, speaking at the WalkAway March. I invite you to take a look and see for yourself who these people really are.

#WalkAway March – Brandon Straka


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Why Does MSM Lie About the Size of the Crowds?

Dinesh D'souza tweet


What is the WalkAway Campaign All About?

“For far too long, the left has controlled the narrative in this country within the news media, while the ‘silent majority’ on the right have done what they always do – remain silent. The left has been allowed to reinforce the narrative that everybody on the right is a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, etc. The left has become so extreme and hateful that it is now time to fight back! We want people on the right to use their voices and tell the world the truth about whom they are by making videos telling everyone what it means to be a conservative in America and what your values really are.

This is a movement of Patriots from all walks of life – men, women, black, brown, white, straight, LGBTQ, religious, and non-believers – who share something very important in common. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and we will not surrender our country.”

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View Some of the Highlights of the Young Black Leadership Summit

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 2018 Young Black Leadership Summit


Click on the image below to view the video of Candace Owens speaking at the Young Black Leadership Summit:


Candace Owens


What Is the Young Black Leadership Summit?

The Young Black Leadership Summit, sponsored by Turning Point USA, is a conference for young, conservative blacks between the ages of 15 and 35. #YBLS 2018 took place on October 25-28, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Throughout the Summit, attendees heard from some of the nation’s most well-known conservative leaders and activists, received first-class professional development and leadership training, and networked with other attendees and organizations from all across the country.

Please share these videos with others, and check out the hashtags below if you want to see more stories from real people. Note: there will be posts from the opposition trying to convince you that these are nothing but Russian bots and fake people. You can determine yourself what you think is the truth.