Did you see the retweet that President Trump posted recently?

trump train retweeted by President Trump

This post says it ALL! Finally, justice is coming to those people who have committed crimes against America, including the Clintons, Obama, and all the government officials involved in spying on American citizens and an opposition political campaign, and trying to take down a duly elected President. These are deep state operatives who have been committing crimes against the American people and heinous crimes against children for a very long time.

It will all be exposed very soon, but certainly not on mainstream media (MSM). MSM is desperate to spin a very different narrative, and they continue to make up storylines, write lies, and promote hate-Trump propaganda (and Qanon conspiracy lies…there are more of us than you can even imagine!) The deep state and MSM are TERRIFIED! Click here to read my previous blog post The Deep State Is Real: Why MSM Does Not Want You to Know.

See the video below of Dan Bongino laying out the players and the scheme in this SpyGate fiasco.

Dan Bongino – Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Scam in American History

I am currently reading the book Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump by Dan Bongino and D.C. McAllister with Matt Palumbo.

“Former Secret Service Agent [and former NYPD officer] Dan Bongino draws on his expert knowledge to show how these actors employed manipulations, setups, and abuse of power to sabotage the Trump campaign. They failed, but the effort continued after the elections, disrupting America’s political system and shattering trust within civil society.”

Part 1 of the book describes all the connections and interconnections of the people who created the Russian collusion STORY and continually tried to set up Donald Trump and his campaign team. It is enough to make your head spin, with all the names and their connections with each other!

justice is comingI highly recommend this book if you want to know the truth about the “dossier” that was fabricated and paid for by the Clintons and the DNC, and the truth about the REAL Russian collusion by the Clintons, Obama, and all of the deep state players involved in this scandal.

Click on the titles below to learn more:

SPYGATE: The Characters You Need to Know

Senator Mark Warner: The SSCI is “Working Closely” With Robert Mueller…

Bongino’s Spygate: Exposing the Obama/Clinton Deep State Criminality

U.K. Media: British Intelligence Heads Worried President Trump Will Discover Their Involvement in “Spygate”….

Mr. Huber Goes to Washington

Sean Hannity 11/30/18| Breaking Fox News | November 30 2018

Sean Hannity reveals the real story behind the Mueller witch hunt and why it’s a witch hunt….”and a political persecution led by a team of big-time democratic donors, and even Hillary supporters and lawyers and Trump-hating sycophants.”



Click here to read the article Trump, Russia and lessons from the mob: Did ‘godfathers’ steer collusion probe?

What are Mueller’s Motives for Continuing This Investigation?

Liz Wheeler, from One America News Network, discusses the Mueller investigation hoax with Col. Tony Shaffer, who is Vice President for Strategic Coordination and Operations at the London Center for Policy Research. Learn more: https://londoncenter.org

Click here to read the article NeverTrump Clings To Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory Despite Lack Of Evidence.

definition of treason

There Will Be No Escape for These Criminals

If you are not AWAKE, you will have no clue about what is coming. The Clintons, Obama, and these deep state operatives have committed crimes of treason. They will not be prosecuted in civil courts. They WILL be tried in military tribunals and when found guilty, they WILL be sent to Guantanamo.

President Trump has been making sure that everything is ready for these tribunals and the take-down of these criminals. Click on the titles below to learn more:

Senator Lindsey Graham Questions Brett Kavanaugh Military Law vs Criminal Law

305th Military Police Company Deploys to Guantanamo Bay

When It Comes to Guantanamo, Trump Is Truly the Builder in Chief

Pentagon Delivers New Guidelines on Transferring Detainees to Guantánamo

I appreciate you sharing this post with others and revealing the truth! More coming soon…