We The People Salute You On Your Birthday

Dear President Trump,

I hope that you find some time to celebrate this very special day with First Lady Melania and your family!

Know that there are many of us 4EVATrumpers across the United States, and the world, that support you 100%. We will ALWAYS have your back!!

There are no words that can convey my never-ending gratitude for your continued commitment to free our country and our people from the hidden enemy and its chains of bondage.

I pray every day for your safety and success….and for the GREAT AWAKENING WORLDWIDE to empower more and more people to stand up for the TRUTH!!!


In honor of your birthday, I want to feature some of my favorite memes created by our very talented patriots who love and support you!

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best day ever Trump inauguration
We The People stand with President Trump
President Trump is for the people
President Trump govt by the people
Donald Trump accomplishments
the world is watching
Eagle over the White House
Q with eagle
justice is coming
rise up Patriots - Trump 2020
MAGA movement
great awakening red pilled

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