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I hope that your year has started off with a bang! I know that mine has…and I look forward to my many adventures, yet unknown. I am continually inspired when I hear President Trump speak. Almost every time, I hear him affirm: “The best is yet to come!”

President Donald J. Trump: “Our Best Days Are Yet to Come”

I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!

I know that I am extremely grateful for the incredibly hard work that President Trump has done, in draining the swamp. More and more of these corrupt deep state puppets are being exposed, and justice IS coming. Don’t believe me? Have you seen all the upgrades completed at GITMO?! Click here to learn more.

I am SO thankful for the tax cuts and small business credit that I got last year. As a freelancer, it made a big difference for me. And this year, I don’t have to pay a penalty or sign up for insurance that I never use, due to President Trump’s elimination of the unconstitutional “individual mandate” of obamacare.

I am also looking for my next endeavor out there in the job world…and I see so many positions posted…along with higher rates of pay. This is definitely due to the work of President Trump and his administration.

Donald Trump by The Numbers

Do You Realize How Many Restrictive Regulations Have Been Eliminated?

“President Trump signed an Executive Order, mandating that two regulations must be eliminated for every regulation created in order to reduce compliance costs. The Administration actually eliminated 22 regulations for every new regulatory action.”

President Trump has also issued the fewest number of new rules since 1975. Click here to learn more.

“The Trump administration, under orders to slash Obama-era regulations, has also issued the fewest new rules since the government began counting them in 1975. For a third year, Trump’s administration has broken the record for issuing the fewest regulations and rules, a radical departure from the eight years of former President Barack Obama.”


The Many Accomplishments of President Trump
Click on the title below to view all of President Trump’s accomplishments in only three years time, despite having to deal with all the hoaxes and non-stop investigations. It truly is extraordinary what he has accomplished!

Exclusive: Trump list shows 319 ‘results’ and promises kept in three years

See the President’s accomplishments here:

Biden shakedown uses our taxmoney

This is exactly why the corrupt career politicians and MSM paid puppets HATE President Trump….

He is an outsider, not a compromised politician, who loves our country. He is demonstrating to the American people how all these campaign promises CAN be accomplished, instead of taking bribes to NOT make them happen.

The corrupt criminals in our government line their own pockets with our taxpayer money.

They budget and send our hard-earned money to inner cities here in the US (like Baltimore) and other countries (like Ukraine) and then launder it, for their own profit. The people who really need the money or help never see a dime.

obama is a criminalAsk the people in Baltimore, and they will tell you. And so will the people of Ukraine. They have been telling us, for a while now. But, our corrupt leaders and government officials have tried to bury this information and to stop the American public from knowing the truth.

Just wait until ALL of the TRUTH is exposed about Obama and his administration.

Sure, no scandals and the most transparent in history—NOT!

If you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s time to do your homework.


For those of us who no longer believe the lies and propaganda spewed by mainstream media (MSM), we KNOW that there are AMAZING NEW POSSIBILITIES ON THE HORIZON for people across the world! It is happening everywhere, folks!!

Do you see it? Do you feel it? People are waking up to the TRUTH.

Click on the highlighted links below to see the video clips from people ALL OVER THE WORLD standing up to their corrupt governments! They LOVE President Trump and what he is doing for our country, as well as theirs!!

Trump ralliesIt’s time to get on the TRUMP TRAIN. MSM will no longer be able to hide the truth about President Trump’s rallies! They continue to grow and grow and grow!! I hope to attend a rally this year.

Iranian people stand up and demand that their government officials resign.

Don’t believe the lies of MSM. The people of Iran HATE the terrorist Soleimani and are happy that he is no longer alive to terrorize and kill them.

Iranians call for celebrations over Soleimani’s death, bake cakes thanking President Trump.

Seeing reports saying that 150,000 people gathered just in #Paris today to protest against Emperor Macron.

Keep supporting Hong Kong freedom by sharing this video. Hong Kong people want 5 demands to be met and not one less. Support these brave freedom-loving people.

Do Your Own Research

MSM paid puppetsDon’t expect to see any TRUTH on MSM. Their false narratives are only growing more ridiculous, because they are panicking. It is SO great to see people standing up to their lies and filing lawsuits against them. (This topic is for another post.)

If you are relying on MSM paid puppets, it’s time to turn them off and do some actual research to find out what IS really happening.

I am reposting this list of RESOURCES, along with a few new links added. There are many, many more resources out there on the internet. You may have to do some digging to find them, since good ol’ Go-ogle suppresses the real search results and buries anything that does not agree with their hate-Trump narrative. These are some of the sources that I have found to be credible and often very enlightening:

The Epoch Times:
One America News Network:
Judicial Watch:
The Dan Bongino Show:
The Conservative TreeHouse:
Sara A Carter:
John Solomon Reports:
The Federalist:
The Mark Levin Show:
Project Veritas:
Full Measure News:
American Thinker:
American Greatness:
Dinesh D’Souza News:
Prager U: (See the Candace Owens Show and other podcasts here.)
Trump is returning power to the people

Here are a few of my favorite citizen journalists and truth seekers that also provide great information. Thank you to all the patriots out there who continue to research and post the truth!

Lisa Mei Crowley:
Tracy Beanz:
Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs:
Tiffany FitzHenry:
Dave Janda at Operation Freedom:
Dave at X22 Report:
Amazing Polly:
Jason Goodman on Crowdsource the Truth:

The Best Place to Find the TRUTH

Of course, if you really want to know everything that has been happening, a lot of it behind the scenes, Q posts are where you will find this kind of information.

Q Posts and More:

I am reposting this video, in case you have not seen it before. If you have, I encourage you to watch it again.

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

This is a message to the deep state players across the world. Click here to view the video message.

Please share this post with others, and do your own research! Here’s to 2020, a year that will be biblical!!