It’s amazing to me that the mainstream media (MSM) paints all of President Trump’s supporters as stupid and uneducated! According to them, we’re nothing but a bunch of smelly Walmart shoppers who know nothing about anything important….especially issues like impeachment.

stupid people thought president firedYet, when the House ran its latest impeachment HOAX, many of the liberal lunatics out there thought a vote in the House meant that President Trump would no longer be president.

Are you kidding me?! No wonder these people believe the lies and propaganda of MSM.

They obviously know nothing about impeachment…or the constitution.

And if they were smart, they would recognize that everything that Dems in the House have done, making up their own rules as they go, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

I ran across the video below, which is pretty darn funny, with all the lunatics out there whooping it up after this fake impeachment vote in the House. At the same time, it’s also sad that these people are so clueless.

This impeachment BS is exactly that! BS!! Anyone in their right mind can see through their sick, obsessive agenda to remove a duly elected president. This has been their goal since BEFORE Donald Trump became president. Hmmmmm…..I wonder why they are so AFRAID of this man?!

The TRUTH About This Impeachment Hoax

Click on the image below to view the video of Congressman Clay Higgins exposing the truth about this hoax.

Tracy Beanz impeachment bs

Tracy Beanz has a website where you can find lots of very enlightening information, facts that MSM will NEVER tell you. Learn more at

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Impeachment

In the video below, Kevin McCarthy exposes the bias of the corrupt democrats and and their unconstitutional impeachment SCAM.

You need to ask yourself: Why are these people SO INTENT on removing President Donald J. Trump from office?

It’s not what the MSM paid puppets are telling you…time to wake up, little sheeple. Time to stop listening to the paid propaganda and actually do some research and critical thinking! HINT: You may want to check out some of my previous blog posts to find the TRUTH. There are lots of articles, videos, and other resources that will dispel the false narratives of the paid propagandists.

Impeachment! Chad Prather Tells It Like It Is

A friend of mine recently turned me onto Chad Prather. Check out his video below. He says more in 4 minutes about this impeachment debacle than most anyone out there, plus he is funny, to boot!

Learn more about Chad Prather at

Americans Are Waking Up: Donald Trump in 2020

The corruption in Washington DC with these career politicians is being exposed. That is the real reason these criminals are trying to take down Donald Trump. They see what is coming…and IT CANNOT BE STOPPED! We The People are sick and tired of you wasting our tax money on these ongoing investigation and hoaxes.

Want to know how much this impeachment hoax has cost the American taxpayers?

“House Democrats spent at least $3 million of taxpayers’ money in under three months pursuing the impeachment of President Donald Trump, counting the cost of lawyers and staff time spent readying for hearings, according to Heritage Foundation research.” Click here to read the full article.

We’re sick of your BS hoaxes and your obstruction of the will of the American people and our duly elected President Donald Trump.

The video below says it all. Click on the image to view the video.

KAG2020 video from Dan Scavino

Learn more at

Mad Liberals: Still Your President

I’ll end this post with a fun little video from one of my favorite mememakers Mad Liberals. Click on the image below to view the video.

Mad Liberals- Trump is still your president

See more great memes at or

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