Why do you suppose that President Trump calls the mainstream media (MSM) Fake News?

Could it be that they all parrot the same story lines, and the same exact words? I wonder who they get their talking points from…they say exactly the same thing again and again.

As usual, Twitter has shut down this account: Don’t believe that this is true? Click on the image below to see the video:

mockingbird media

So, I am posting an updated similar video of the one-story narrative and repeated antics of MSM mockingbird media lies. See the video below to experience this scripted narrative firsthand.

This is what mind control looks like. This is Operation Mockingbird


Why do you suppose that President Trump calls the Fake News Media the enemy of the people?

Most of mainstream media is controlled by six corporations: National Amusements, Disney, TimeWarner, Comcast, News Corp, and Sony. Click on the title to read the full article and see the infographic below.

The Six Companies That Own (almost) All Media 

“To be clear, ‘media’ in this context does not refer just to news outlets — it refers to any medium that controls the distribution of information.”

“So here, ‘media’ includes 24-hour news stations, newspapers, publishing houses, Internet utilities, and even video game developers.”

Learn the Truth About Mainstream Media

The 6 Companies That Own almost All Media

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Why You CANNOT Believe the Propaganda on MSM

MSM continues to lie and deceive the American people. They continue to call us names and smear President Trump’s name, along with anyone who associates with him. They blame the voices on the right and the Republican party for all the recent violence. They try to intimidate us and President Trump by blaming us for what they have done.

They tell President Trump he needs to stop referring to them as fake news, like this is some kind of a smear. Yet, we KNOW that this is the truth about MSM. They all have the same storyline – take down President Trump in any way possible.

That’s why the American people (who are awake) LOVE President Trump because he speaks the truth. He is not a politician, he does not play your games, and he does not need MSM support because he has the support of MANY Americans. The people who do not support him have been brainwashed by MSM propaganda and lies. This is the TRUTH, whether you want to see it or not.

MSM also mocks the President for things that he does, every chance that they get.

Guess what?!

EVERYTHING HAS MEANING. If you don’t know what I mean by this, do your own research. Wake up and find the truth.

You can mock President Trump all you want…the truth is being revealed, and it is NOT on MSM.

Why the Mainstream Media Is the Enemy of the TRUTH

Once again, I ask you: Why are you NOT seeing these kinds of stories on MSM?

Obama likes to try to take credit for the booming economy that President Trump has helped to created by getting rid of regulations and passing tax cuts, etc.

Once again these are lies that MSM NEVER calls Obama on. Then again, MSM NEVER reveals the lies of the corrupt politicians and criminals that they are paid to support.

YouTube Censors have deleted this video and account….I wonder why! View the video below to see the TRUTH about the positive economic trends that have taken place under President Trump, NOT Obama.

These statistics are put together by an analyst who actually knows what he is doing, not some MSM person making it up.


There are currently over 57,000 sealed indictments. I wonder why MSM is not talking about these.

Over 5,300 CEOs and high-ranking officials have resigned since September of 2017. I wonder why MSM is not talking about this.

President Trump has made it a priority to find and arrest human and child traffickers. I wonder why MSM is not talking about this.

What about Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and their crimes against children? It seems Fox News is aware of this….but MSM does not talk about any of these things that may bring their house of cards down.

Hillary Clinton crimes against children

What about all the MSM people who were paid by Clinton to spread her lies and talking points? Hmmmm….I wonder what is going to happen to all of these criminals.

Click on the titles below to read other articles…just a small sampling…that you rarely, if ever, see on MSM:

Report Finds UN Employs 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years

Pedophile Arrests Soar Under Trump: Media Silent

Democrat-Media Complex: NBC Knew That Third Kavanaugh Accuser’s Claim Was Trash In September

Nolte: NBC’s Kate Snow Says Info Clearing Kavanaugh Wasn’t ‘Newsworthy’ Before Confirmation

Deep State Unmasked: IRS Officials – “You Should Give Increased Scrutiny” to Conservative Groups

Paid Protest Firm “Crowds On Demand” Sued In $23 Million Extortion Plot

How about this story? Did you ever see this on MSM? I don’t think so….

Silicon Valley, Melinda and Bill Gates, George Soros Charitable Organization Give Money to Islamist Terrorists

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