Where Was the Big Blue Wave?

Once again, mainstream media (MSM) predictions for a big blue wave of Democrats that would overtake the House and Senate was nothing but more FAKE news.

With their FAKE polls, they try to influence public opinion, but WE THE PEOPLE (who are awake) no longer believe their lies and propaganda. Even their Hollywood elite have no more power over us!

Trump defies historyAnd, despite their election meddling, censorship of our voices, and trying to influence voters to vote against Trump, the big Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube did NOT succeed, either.

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In fact, if you look at historical trends, President Trump actually defied these, and added a couple of seats to the Senate, while losing fewer seats in the House than many past presidents.

Note that the final numbers may change a bit, due to election results still being confirmed.

House Losses Were Far Less Than Historical Averages

On average, the party opposing the President will pick up seats during midterm elections, while the party supporting the President loses seats. This was on full display on the midterm elections under Barack Obama, but hardly as noticeable last night. Since 1902, the president’s party has lost an average of 424 seats in the midterms. Trump lost 330 (25% fewer than average). Note that those are national figures, meaning that in addition to Congress they’re also including State legislatures.

When it comes to federal Congress specifically, the President loses 37 seats on average during the first midterm election of their presidencies. Trump lost only 26 (30% fewer than average), while Bill Clinton lost 53 (despite a roaring economy – and no Lewinsky scandal yet), while Obama lost a historic 63.

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Hannity: The Blue Wave That Wasn’t

Sean Hannity does a good job of summarizing the election results. He also continues to expose the biased viotril and Trump-hating tactics of MSM.

If you cannot view this video here, please go to the following link: www.video.foxnews.com/v/5859100801001/.

Many People Have Been Duped by MSM and the Democrat Party

choice to know is yoursDespite the victories of many of these mid-term elections, it is still very disheartening to see how many people have been duped by MSM and the Democrat Party. I will never understand how women like Diane Feinstein get re-elected after her atrocious behavior and unsuccessful manipulation of the Kavanaugh hearing. This woman tried to destroy a man’s life, along with his family.

The truth has been revealed about these women who made up the charges against Judge Kavanaugh. Read the report and decide for yourself, instead of listening to the MSM paid puppets. Download the report here: Senate Judiciary Committee Investigation of Numerous Allegations Against Justice Brett Kavanaugh During the Senate Confirmation Proceedings.

Time to wake up…Turn off MSM and learn the truth about these corrupt politicians. You will see events unfold in the near future that will reveal this corruption and their heinous crimes! That is why there is panic in DC, and MSM and these Democrats continue to try to shut down President Trump at all costs. Read my blog post PANIC IN DC: Dems and MSM Are Pulling Out Their Arsenal of Intimidation Tools.

President Trump only wants what is best for the American people and our country. He is NOT one of these corrupt politicians, he does NOT need their support, and he WILL NOT play their game.

Neither will We the People play your games anymore. We have awakened and there is no going back!

Thank you for sharing this post…More truth being revealed soon….so please check back.