Paul Joseph Watson Banned By Facebook and Instagram

Read the full story: Facebook Calls me ‘Dangerous’. Imagine My Shock. No, Really…

“By banning discussion of me (unless it’s to denounce me) Mark Zuckerberg is literally mimicking the tactics used against Samizdat dissidents during the Soviet dictatorship.”

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No More Free Speech: Social Media Purging Continues

Twit-fer, MeTube, Fakebook, and now Insta-ounce continue their purge of conservative voices and anyone who does not support their narrative. Under the guise of “hate speech,” “fake news,” and other fabricated reasons, they continue to purge social media accounts of strong conservative voices that are revealing the TRUTH!

Mainstream media (MSM) paid puppets spin their stories and lies (3 years of the collusion delusion!), but yet they are not removed from their platforms for spreading FAKE NEWS AND HATE SPEECH against President Trump. MSM continues to tell their sheeple that it is President Trump and his supporters that promote hate and division in this country. That is nothing but propaganda, and it is the furthest thing from the truth.

Twit-fer Shuts Down the Voice of James Woods

I am not on Twit-fer, but I do watch what James Woods tweets. He is funny, smart, and usually right on the money with the information that he posts. Twit-fer recently suspended his account, for posting a paraphrased Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “‘If you try to kill the King, you best not miss,’” accompanied by the hashtag “#HangThemAll.”

Wow! They shut him down for exposing the truth…because that is what is coming. It’s called TREASON, and guess what?! Your anti-lynching law that you passed will NOT protect you from being HUNG for your treasonous acts. Personally, I think that you should die much more painful deaths for your heinous crimes against children!!

twitter time for lawsuit

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James Woods Banned from Twitter Amid Silicon Valley’s Conservative Blacklisting Campaign

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Twitter & Facebook Keep Sex Abuser and Pedophile Pages Up While Censoring Trump Supporters

James Woods Releases New Statement About Twitter Suspending Him

President Trump & Freedom Fighters Targeted & Blacklisted


“The spotlight of this briefing focuses on the targeting and blacklisting of President Trump & The Freedom Movement by the bought off lame stream media.”

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Nolte: Poynter Institute Wants 515 Outlets Blacklisted, Including Breitbart News

Poynter Smears Daily Signal as Fake News. Then Removes List Altogether.

Poynter pulls blacklist of ‘unreliable’ news websites after backlash


Go-0gle Continues Its Information Manipulation and Collusion with Leftists

Big Tech has always been about manipulation of information. Spying on people is just one of their nefarious acts. They bury any content that does not agree with their narrative. They have created algorithms that feature all the negative propaganda and lies about President Trump at the top of their searches. As much as possible, I have stopped using Go-0gle to search.

Here’s another great video from my favorite cat that sees and knows all!

Google and Facebook Were Created by the CIA

Go-0gle has been meddling in elections for years, alongside the democrats, manipulating information and trying to influence the public’s opinion. What would you call three years of the Russian collusion delusion? It was a way to influence the 2018 elections, which it did!

And Big Tech censorship has moved into a furious frenzy now with the 2020 election coming up.

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Google Is Not What It Seems

CONFIRMED: Google Gives Left-Wing Websites Preference Over Conservative Ones, Audit Finds

These Screenshots Show How Google Shadowbans Conservative And Pro-Trump Content

Google Employees Debated Burying Conservative Media In Search Results

Government Surveillance Of Political Activists Is Scary, Illegal, And Common

Censorship Is a Slippery Slope

I am amazed that people are not speaking up more about accounts being deleted from social media by the Big Tech giants, who think they can control what we see and what we think. I don’t see any dems standing up to this issue. I don’t see any liberals concerned with online censorship. Hmmmmm….I wonder why.

Others say that we need government control over social media. I don’t agree with this solution…because any time the government gets involved, it does not end up well. And there is the risk of even more censorship if corrupt individuals like the Obamas and Clintons are in office.

Sharyl Attkisson, one of my favorite investigative reporters, posted the tweet below. Click on the image to see more of her extraordinary investigative work.

Sharyl Attkisson



Sarah Pollack FB Policy Comm Manager former Hillary for America

Fakebook Censorship Overseen by Previous Press Director for Hillary for America

Finally, I just had to share this piece of information uncovered by one of our anonymous researchers out there.

I verified this LinkedIn account and the image that was posted by another individual.

As Q says: Nothing to see here!

“The Facebook employee assigned to handle communications relating to conservative bans (Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Yiannopoulos) is the former Press Director of Hillary For America.”

As usual, Twit-fer has suspended this account that posted the information, so you can no longer see the original post.

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Thank you for sharing these posts with others. The TRUTH is being revealed…and JUSTICE IS COMING!!

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