Remember how mainstream media (MSM) mocked President Trump about his statements on rigged elections during and after his election? Click on the title below to read an enlightening article on voter fraud:

Why Do Democrats Fear Trump’s Probe of “Fake” Voter Fraud?

I wonder how many American people have seen this video by Project Veritas on the voter fraud perpetrated by the Democrats during the 2016 election…Below is Part 2 of a series that was videotaped a couple of years ago. WARNING: THE VIDEO BELOW CONTAINS VULGAR AND DISGUSTING LANGUAGE!

This video reveals the fact that Democrats have been using illegal schemes to rig our elections, like busing people in from various places to vote multiple times. Today, they all drive cars into different states so that they are less likely to be caught. The Democrats have devised many ways to cast extra votes for the Democrat party. This voter fraud and corruption has been going on for years!

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Care to See More of the TRUTH?

Here is Part 1 of this video series: Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Here is Part 3 of this video series: Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved

Here is another article about the voter fraud in 2016: Here’s What Voter Fraud Looks Like In 23 States

Again, I ask you: Why Do You Not See These Kinds of Stories on MSM?

Wake up folks; this is EXACTLY why you need to turn off your TVs and stop listening to the MSM lies and propaganda.

Democrats Want Open Borders and Illegal Immigration for Many Reasons

Who Is Profiting From Human and Child Trafficking?

There are many reasons why the Democrats want open borders. Click here to read my blog post Why Is Mainstream Media Lying About Immigration and the “Caravan”?

Did you know that human and child trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business now?

Check out how many arrests that President Trump has made in ONLY 2 years versus the number of arrests that Obama made.

Hmmmmm…..I wonder why? Watch for more on this topic in a future blog post.

Democrats support an open border so that they can get more votes via the illegal aliens streaming into this country.

This post from PropserousUSA on Twitter says it all…click on the image to view the full twitter post.

President Trump wants the wall because of his LOVE for America and the American people.

He wants to stop the corruption in this county, and put an end to all the voter fraud.

Read this article: Felony Convictions Prove Illegal Aliens Vote In America’s Elections

Let’s reveal the TRUTH and expose the lies and propaganda of MSM.


Other Lies About Voting Created By the Democrat Party and Mainstream Media

The other lie that Democrats and MSM promote about voting is that requiring voter ID is racist.
Here is some of their propaganda:

“Noah echoes the sentiment of then-Attorney General Eric Holder, who in 2014 characterized the call for voter ID laws as an example of ‘pernicious’ racism. Last week, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews told Holder’s successor, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, that Republicans push voter ID laws to ‘screw the African-American voter.’ Lynch responded: ‘Yes, yes — and it’s nothing new. … This is a historical issue. It’s a current issue. And it’s only history because it happened to somebody else, not because it could never happen again. That’s what’s happening now.'”

Hmmmmm…..I wonder why they are promoting this storyline? Could it be that they want to be able to continue allowing illegal aliens to vote? And continue their practice of Democrats voting multiple times in various places? Click on the article below to see the full article and another side to the story:

The ‘Voter ID Is Racist’ Con.

Did You Know?

Blacks also support voter ID. A 2016 Gallup poll found that 77 percent of non-whites support voter ID, nearly as high as the 81 percent of whites who support it.

The fact that voter ID is legal and popular does not, of course, affect the view that it “suppresses” the minority vote. The George Soros-supported website ThinkProgress ran a story last year with this menacing headline: “New Study Confirms that Voter ID Laws Are Very Racist.”

A follow-up study by researchers from Yale, Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania found no evidence that voter ID laws have a statistically significant impact on voter turnout.

Again, I ask you: Why Is MSM Covering Up Voter Fraud?

Just for the record, it is getting more and more difficult to find these kinds of articles on searches on the internet….that is, the articles that do not agree with their MSM storyline. These FACTS are being buried by Google and other big tech companies. And censorship is another way for the Democrats to manipulate the upcoming election. This will be the topic of an upcoming blog post.

together we are unstoppableClick on the titles below to read the articles:

Texas Democratic Party Leader Funded ‘Voter Fraud Ring,’ Says AG

Voter Fraud: 670 Ballots Cast in Georgia Precinct with 276 Voters.

Evidence – And Common Sense – Tells Us That Voter Fraud Is Real, Only Voter ID Laws Can Prevent It

Heritage Explains Voter Fraud


We need to reveal the truth!! And make sure to read some of my previous blog posts. They include lots of links to videos, articles, and other resources.