There has been talk of the Deep State for a while now. Mainstream media (MSM) and the Democrats (and some Republicans) would like you to believe that the Deep State is nothing but a conspiracy theory. This is their way of trying to shut down the conversation. They don’t want people researching whether or not this is conspiracy FACT. Click here to read my blog post How “Conspiracy Theory” Has Silenced the Voices of the American People—No More!

I ASK YOU: Will you believe the lies and propaganda of MSM? Or will you do your own research? Below are some resources that you can explore, if you choose to see the truth.

Judicial Watch: “The Deep State does exist.”

Judicial Watch On Issue: Exposing the Deep State

“The Deep State is comprised of legions of political appointees, career civil servants and powerful private contractors who run the government–no matter who sits in the Oval Office–no matter which political party controls Congress–and no matter what is the will of the American people. No matter who’s in power, they exert control.”

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Judicial Watch Presents: An Update on ‘The Deep State’

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer – Vice President for Strategic Coordination and Operations – London Center for Policy Research asks:
How was it possible for these senior members of the intelligence community to manipulate not only the media but then by extension, the public opinion, the thinking?

DID YOU KNOW? In 2016 and 2017, 71% of the foreign counterintelligence budget of the FBI was diverted from looking at threats, looking at foreign counterintelligence, to focus ONLY on Clinton and Trump, to absolve Clinton and convict Trump. THIS IS AN ACTION OF THE DEEP STATE.

Click on the titles below to learn more:

mueller is deep state operativeWhat Is the Deep State?

“Since the moment Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, he’s been met with a resistance, including people working within the government to undermine its leader.”

“Polling shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe that a Deep State exists, and that ‘it’s secretly manipulating or directing national policy.’”

Trump Has Deep State Terrified – Kevin Shipp

“The very people that have been attacking Donald Trump are now feeling the Trump counter attack. Former top CIA officer Kevin Shipp says,’They are terrified, they are terrified right now. They did not expect Trump to do what he is doing now. The reason they tried to get him even before he was elected is they knew he was uncontrollable, and they knew if he got in there, they would not be able to manipulate him, and that is exactly what’s happening.'”

Kevin Shipp, Former CIA Officer Exposes the Deep State/Shadow Government

“The Shadow Government is a system that manipulates Washington, DC behind the scenes, that operates beyond the control of Congress, that even dictates the actions of the president and affects the daily lives of every American. It is real and has been growing in complexity for over sixty years. While the American people work long hours just to survive and make ends meet, the Shadow Government spends billions of dollars on secret operations, overthrowing governments and engages in covert wars that kill thousands – all without any vote or say by the American people; the people that pay the taxes the Shadow Government uses to fund these operations.”

rosenstein is deep state operativeExclusive – Rand Paul: Next A.G. Must Defend Individual Liberty from Power-Hungry Deep State

“’This whole thing [of going after Trump’s campaign], I think, was set up by people in the intelligence community. Some call it the deep state. Yes, these are people that are there forever and they care more about power and their power than they do about anybody’s individual rights.’”

The Deep State Shadow Government

“Rogue Agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) promote a globalist agenda for a corporate-run ‘new world order’ technocracy. These evil people only pretend to care while they demean ‘deplorables,’ line their pockets & laugh at the U.S. Constitution.”

Why MSM Does Not Want You to Do Your Own Research on the Deep State

MSM is terrified of people learning the truth. That is why they make up so many lies and stories, and call everything a conspiracy theory. ALL OF MSM IS COMPLICIT!

I have been doing this research for over 9 years now, and again and again, the same information keeps being revealed. It is revealed by a wide variety of sources, many of them previous government officials. You can’t make this stuff up. These people in the Deep State are EVIL and will stop at nothing to take down President Trump and our constitutional republic.

If you care at all about our freedom, our children and the future of our children, you need to WAKE UP!

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