I have been contemplating what to write for my final blog post in 2018. I could continue to focus on all the lies and propaganda being created by mainstream media (MSM) about President Trump, First Lady Melania, their family, and anyone connected to them. I could continue to focus on the hatred and violence being perpetrated against Trump supporters, patriots, and our valiant veterans like Brian Kolfage. Brian created a Go Fund Me page to Build the Wall and is now receiving hateful messages and death threats from people. Yet, I am tired of writing about the same old news….

world is about to changeInstead, I want to address the INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITIES for THE WORLD in the YEAR of 2019….the OPPORTUNITIES for MANY TRUTHS to finally be revealed, the OPPORTUNITIES for We the People across the world to regain control over our governments, and the OPPORTUNITIES for corrupt politicians, government officials, CEOs, and others to be held responsible for their crimes against HUMANITY.

For those of us who are AWAKE, we KNOW and CAN SEE the EXTRAORDINARY POSSIBILITIES for 2019. WE CAN FEEL IT!

WE FEEL IT…understanding that a highly strategic and organized plan has been put into place, whether you believe Q or not…and President Donald J. Trump is part of the plan…

WE FEEL IT…knowing that there are many events unfolding behind the scenes, if you look closely at the details about CEO and other high-level official resignations, deaths of prominent people and reporters, blue lights in the sky, internet outages, etc…

WE SEE IT….as the TRUTH about the REAL Russian collusion and the crimes of the Clintons, Obama, Brennan, Comey, Mueller, and other corrupt individuals IS slowly coming out, despite MSM trying to cover it all up….

WE SEE IT… as the global awakening continues to grow larger by the day! More and more people are turning away from MSM lies and doing their own research to find the truth….

Shine the Light on the Darkness

Q - Light is comingThere have been many people working diligently to shine the light on the darkness, including the WORLDWIDE CORRUPTION in governments, corporations, and “nonprofit” organizations like the Clinton Foundation. We are shining the light on MSM lies and propaganda, globalism, illegal immigration, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, secret societies, pedophilia rings, satanic ritual abuse, crimes of treason, crimes against humanity, and all the false flags designed to keep us in fear and fighting against each other.

I began this journey over 9 years ago now. At that time, I connected up with a group of people who were sick of the government corruption (as was I), and who were working to expose the truth. When I first read about the Illuminati, the secret societies, the satanic ritual abuse, and the sacrifice of children, I have to admit that I did NOT want to believe what I was discovering. The elite’s plan to enslave We the People around the world was too insanely calculating, their actions too demented, and their crimes against children too horrific to think about.

However, again and again, over the years, this information has surfaced (despite Google’s attempts to bury it). More and more ex-CIA and other government officials, military personnel, and everyday people have continued to share their experiences and expose the truth. Some of these people have been silenced forever; yet the information they uncovered is still available. I will share more on this topic at another time.

2019: The Year for Many Truths to Be Revealed?

the great awakening - QWhen many of these truths are revealed, and people across the world realize the full extent of and how their reality has been manipulated and designed by the elite in power, there will be some who may never accept these truths.

For those of us in the global awakening, we have had time to come to terms with the lies and the horrors, and uncover the truth for ourselves. Nonetheless, as all of the truth comes out, I am sure that we may also be shocked by some of the lies that we have been told.

Shine the Light on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

I am still shocked by the accounts of satanic ritual abuse and the torturing and sacrifice of our children. It has been a difficult subject for me to research and an even more difficult subject to write about. I KNOW that this abuse is happening, and I believe it is much more prevalent than we could EVER imagine.

Years ago, I worked with someone and we developed a friendship, in addition to being colleagues. He began to have memories of being tortured by his parents, and he was remembering specific details of satanic ritual abuse. He shared some of this information with me, and I can still feel his shock and not wanting to believe it was true. And I must admit I did not want to believe it, either. After all, he grew up in a small farming community in the Midwest. How could that happen to him in such a “wholesome” environment? How could there be satanists in a farming community? How could his parents do something so unspeakable to their child?

I lost touch with him, after he left his job to focus on healing. These days, every time I hear about an account of satanic ritual abuse, I think of him. After that experience, I understand how and why people are not believed, and especially why children are not believed when they expose this truth. It is easier, for us and for them, not to believe the horrors.

Today, I watched a video of Kristy Allen, a woman who was brainwashed by CIA operatives in the MK Ultra Program and who suffered ongoing satanic ritual abuse. It is not an easy video to watch. However, if you want to know the truth, it is well worth your time to watch it.

Kristy Allen Testifies at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

In this video, Kristy shares:

“Ritualistic child abuse is the most hideous of all child abuse. The basic objective is to systematically terrorize children until they are forced to disassociate. The torture is the execution of a well-planned, well-thought-out ritual often performed by close relatives. The only escape for the children is to disassociate, where they will develop a new personality to enable them to endure the abuse. This new personality is very helpful to the abusers.”

“Once the abuse is over, the core personality is not conscious of what happened. Disassociation also serves the purposes of the occult because the children have no day-to-day memories of the atrocities. They go through adolescence and early adulthood with no active memory of what is taking place, continuing rituals through their teens and early 20s, unaware of their involvement. The victims lead relatively normal lives until they get triggered, and flashbacks or nightmares occur.”

“Now, keep in mind that this is, and always has been, about money and power. It’s about keeping the drug cartels, violent gangs, human trafficking, sex trade, child trafficking, child porn industry, and human slavery as alive and LUCRATIVE as possible.”

Kristy goes on to say:


“I now believe that ritual abuse programming is widespread. Reputable sources are saying between 8 and 10%, depending on where you live. It is systematic, it is very organized, and it is in every dinky, stinky little town across this world.”



why Dems oppose the wallAnd there it is….Kristy sums it up quite well:

Having an open border means making billions of dollars in human trafficking, child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and other illegal activities.

The questions you need to ask:

Where do these career politicians make their millions of dollars? It’s certainly not on their salaries!

Where are these so-called “foundations” and nonprofit organizations making their money?

Who are the strongest opponents of building a wall? What are the real reasons they don’t want a wall?

Using the best practices of exemplary investigative reporters like Sharyl Attkisson and Sara Carter, I invite you to do your own research and FOLLOW THE MONEY!

together we change the world

2019 Has the Potential to Be the BEST YEAR EVER

Despite some of the truth being pretty horrific….

I have GREAT HOPE for 2019!

My belief in President Trump, Q and the digital army of anons, military intelligence, and all the patriots willing to stand up for freedom give me unwavering HOPE for all of us, across the world.

There is an unimaginable WORLD of LIGHT out there, just on the horizon….

Do you see it? Can you imagine it?
A world without war, without drug trafficking, without human slavery, without pedophilia, without never-ending debt and taxes…




Thank you for sharing my posts…more truth coming soon, so please check back.