I am tired of seeing the nonstop coverage and hysteria of the mainstream media (MSM) on this coronavirus “pandemic.” There is so much disinformation and outright lies being told that it is no wonder that people are freaking out.

If you want accurate information, you will NEVER find it on MSM. It is your choice to watch these MSM paid propagandists. I find it very difficult to understand how people can continue to watch CNN and other fake news outlets. Can you not see that they do not have your best interests at heart? The MSM puppets are all about creating drama and chaos, and do nothing but fearmonger and bash President Trump.

If you want a different perspective, you need to look in other places for the facts and the truth. The Dan Bongino Show® is a good resource.

Below is a video of an interview that Dan Bongino did with an MD on the coronavirus.

Ep. 1203 Coronavirus Facts vs. Fiction Interview with Dr. Centeno – The Dan Bongino Show®

Click on the titles below to read several of the articles written by Dr. Centeno.
Why I Am NOT Concerned About the Coronavirus-Episode 1

Coronavirus Myths Debunked-Episode 2

Coronavirus Update Episode 3: Keep Calm and Carry On…


Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Reports the Truth

Just the NewsSharyl Attkisson is another great resource. She is “a nonpartisan investigative journalist and an independent contributor to JustTheNews.com. She is a five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting.”

Sharyl recently published a couple of articles on Just the News.com. Click on the titles below to read the articles.

Coronavirus: Facts vs. Panic
Separating facts from irrational fear in the global virus pandemic.

Older or Unhealthy: The first 48 U.S. coronavirus deaths in detail
FACT: Early American fatalities of the coronavirus are mostly elderly or suffering from health issues.


How Quickly FEAR of a Virus Will Shut Down Society

Dave Morrison on Blue Collar Logic sums it all up quite well in the video below.

COVID-19 and the Toilet Paper Apocalypse

Click here to see more Blue Collar Logic videos on YouTube.


MSM Feeds the Anti-Trump Hysteria

Anti-Trump hysteria is the real reason behind this virus. MSM IS the virus. They are the ones creating all this panic and fear….anything to blame President Trump.

hateful liberalsThe hateful comments from all the liberal lunatics wishing that people like me (Trump supporters) would all die are not that surprising. Hatred and vitriol are their common responses to anything they don’t agree with.

And it is all ramped up by the MSM, the corrupt Dems, the Hollywood freaks, and the obama adminstration’s criminals who are continually trashing President Trump. They all LOVE the fact that the economy is crashing.

They don’t care about people, our jobs, and our businesses. They just want to take down President Trump, at any cost.

Click on the titles below to see a few examples of their diseased thinking. These people really ARE sick!

SAD: Fake News Media Attempts to Re-Brand Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic as the ‘Trumpvirus’

Pioneer City County Museum Director: ‘I hope every single one . . . that votes republican, dies today’

Gotcha: Ex-NYT hack gleefully tweets about Dow falling as Trump speaks, then quietly deletes tweet as market starts to soar

Never Trump Rick Wilson Says the Quiet Part Out Loud, Hopes Trump Supporters Pay ‘a Terrible Price’ Because ‘You Deserve It’

The Other Virus To Fear

Politicizing the Coronavirus With the CDC – Center for Democrat Control


CDC - center for democrat control
To be quite frank, I am pissed. I have been angry for a while now. I am seeing it firsthand, how all these shutdowns and cancellations of events are impacting our local businesses and people I know. And, it makes me mad that people in this country are such sheep! It’s time to wake up and stop buying into all the MSM drama and fearmongering!!

I am with Rush Limbaugh on this one. He’s mad, too….about the politics of this “pandemic.” Click on the title below to read the article or listen to his commentary.

Limbaugh: Remember The Swine Flu Panic? 60 Million Americans Infected, 300,000 Hospitalized

coronavirus impact on election

“Do you know how many people were hospitalized in 2009-2010 with the swine flu? Three hundred thousand were hospitalized. So 60 million people infected, 300,000 hospitalized. And nobody even remembers it. And why? Well, because we had a different president. We had a Democrat president by the name of Barack Obama, and the news then was how wonderfully well Obama was handling it, how expertly well Obama was dealing with it.”


“There wasn’t any media panic. The Republican Party did not politicize it at all. They made not one single effort that anybody can find or remember to try to make political hay out of it. It was treated as a health issue from top to bottom. Sixty million Americans infected, 300,000 hospitalized. I don’t know what the death toll was. The numbers with the coronavirus are not even close. They are barely a fraction of a percentage compared to the swine flu.”

If you are buying into the propaganda and fear, you are part of the problem. YOU are wrecking the economy and YOU are destroying people’s livelihoods.

The Truth About the COVID-19 Tests

media is the virus

A FINAL NOTE: For all those out there blaming President Trump on the delay of getting COVID-19 tests out to the people, consider this FACT:

“The coronavirus test kits had to be replaced because they falsely tested positive at a rate of 83.33%.”

Imagine that! Talk about creating a panic…let’s have people believing they have the virus when they don’t. What better way to create MASS panic.

Amazing Polly shared the following link to the research: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32133832. Below is an image showing the specific details.

COVID-19 test false positives

Even more interesting! They have retracted the study above after it was shared with a whole lot of people….

Once again, I wonder what they don’t want you to know. Time to wake up!


Amazing Polly Exposes the Intentions of the Globalists and Their Pandemic

The question you need to ask yourself is: Who is profiting from this “pandemic”?

And do you believe that Bill Gates resigning from the Board of Microsoft is just a coincidence?

Polly does another great job revealing some very interesting connections and a “pretend pandemic” event that these players participated in.

Well, well, well….good old YouTube has taken down this video. Hmmmmmm….I wonder why. What don’t they want you to know?

You can watch this video on BitChute:

Event 201 Global Pandemic

“Did you know that Bill & Melinda Gates, the CIA, the World Economic Forum, Bloomber / Johns Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Cor-na Virus Pandemic in December 2019? I have clips from that event to share with you as well as other shocking material.”

Click here to view more Amazing Polly videos on YouTube.

Be safe and take good care! Above all, maintain your sense of humor. Please share this blog post with others and STOP the panic. Thank you!



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