Sometimes you just have to unplug from all the political nonsense…. There are times that I can’t stand hearing one more LIE from the corrupt dems and MSM. Get over it! Crooked Hillary lost!! Justice is NOW BARRELING DOWN THE TRACKS IN YOUR DIRECTION FOR ALL YOUR CRIMINAL ACTS!!! Too bad, so sad you won’t be able to spin your wild tales much longer.

So what can one do when you are exhausted with the nonstop one-line parroting paid puppets of the Deep State?! Watch an Intellectual Froglegs video by Joe Dan Gorman. Guaranteed to bring you the comic relief you need!! Here’s one of my favorites:

Then the Tables Turned

Visit the Intellectual Froglegs website here:


Here’s another video that makes me laugh from Solentgreenis people:

Trump and Kim gangnam style

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Mad Liberals Have the Best Memes!

For all you Monty Python fans out there…this is one of my favorite memes:

Main Stream Media vs. The Killer Rabbit. Trump Style!


View more videos on the Mad Liberals YouTube Channel.



Spygate: The Movie – Trailers by Dan @illdiscourse

Want to know the truth about Spygate and what is coming down the pike?!
Click on the image below to see movie trailers for Spygate – BRILLIANT WORK, DAN!
Make sure to scroll down the pinned tweet to see all of the trailers…there are 8 of them so far!!
Dan recently posted them all in one playlist here.
Spygate movie trailers
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Fake News Remix – Donald Trump vs. The Mainstream Media

I love the talented people out there making memes and videos! Here’s another brilliant video by SocialistMop:

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The music videos are also great to watch!

Qanon by DJ Jefani


Thanks for sharing these posts! There are GREAT things happening…more TRUTHS revealed soon!!

What are your favorite memes, videos, and songs? I’d love to hear from you…