Censorship of conservative, libertarian, and Christian voices continues. Mainstream media (MSM) spreads the lies and propaganda that these accounts being shut down are simply “spam” or “fake.” However, the accounts that are shut down seem to be largely conservative political view points. Hmmmmm….I wonder why this is.

Could it be these TECH giants think they can get away with influencing another election?

LEAKED: Internal Google Docs Prove They Censor Conservatives


Do not be deceived…this censorship has been going on for a while now. They tried to influence our views on Hillary Clinton and get her elected, but WE THE PEOPLE saw between the lines…and made up our own mind.

Check out the latest news on the censorship of our voices…. Click on the titles below to see the articles:

Facebook Just Silenced Political Speech in America. And No One Seems To Care.

“Facebook called the removal of 559 political pages an action against “spam” but released no proof and refused to list the pages.”

“….Facebook was announcing through a blog post that it had removed over 559 political pages and 251 accounts in a clampdown on what the company calls “inauthentic behavior” in the lead-up to the U.S midterm elections.”

Google Is Trying To Censor Marsha Blackburn Campaign Ads, Says Videos Of Protestors Interrupting Her Moment Of Silence Are ‘Shocking Content’

“Google Ads informed Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s campaign Tuesday that her advertisements including video footage of protestors interrupting her moment of silence for victims of the recent deadly mass shooting of a synagogue were disapproved because they contained ‘shocking content.’”

“Google Ads, an online advertising platform, would not allow the Tennessee Republican’s campaign for Senate promote two campaign videos as search ads because the content doesn’t meet Google’s standards, according to an email sent to the campaign.”

Malkin: The Left’s Long War on Conservative Free Speech

“Over the years, I’ve joined other independent conservative social media users in exposing coordinated ‘flag-spamming’ campaigns against right-wing personalities and causes. Pro-life, pro-border security and anti-jihadist journalists and activists have all been selectively gagged on Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve worked with a few good-faith employees at these companies who tried to treat conservatives fairly. But in the unhinged era of the anti-Trump resistance, intermittent purges, ‘accidental’ suspensions and suspicious deletions of conservative content have spiked to a level of systemic censorship.”

Trump Slams Social Media Censorship of Conservatives; Files Discrimination Complaint Against Facebook

“‘Knowledge is power,’” the saying goes. You can literally shape public opinion by controlling what (mis)information is fed to the citizenry. As with a computer, it’s garbage in, garbage out.”

“To further illustrate these corporations’ power, consider that most of The New American’s total traffic is indirect traffic coming from search engines (such as Google) and referring websites (such as Facebook). And our overall readership is lower than it should be because, as I reported…The New American and other conservative sites already are censored.”

“This action can be devastating. For example, conservative non-profit PragerU recently was, apparently, shadow-banned by Facebook, dropping its reach on that platform by 99.9999 percent.”

It’s Not Only US Elections That They Try to Influence

Check out this article:

Facebook Shuts Accounts of Marketing Group in Brazil Election

“Facebook Inc said on Monday it had removed 68 pages and 43 accounts associated with a Brazilian marketing group, Raposo Fernandes Associados (RFA), for violating the social media network’s misrepresentation and spam policies.”

“The newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo said the group was the main network of support for far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro on the internet.”

Thankfully, despite shutting down Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts and Google restricting its searches to show mostly anti-Trump propaganda, their manipulation is no longer working. People across the world are waking up to the lies and propaganda of the left.


MSM, Democrats, and the Left Are ALL IN: This Is a War on FREE SPEECH

Their tactics include shadow banning and eliminating followers from people’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. Many of the sources that I watch have encountered these tactics. Diamond and Silk’s Facebook page was once taken down and they were sent a message that their page was a “danger to the community.” Really?!

Diamond and Silk Facebook

These two southern sisters love and support President Trump, and are very vocal about it. That is the real reason their page was taken down. They and their supporters made enough noise to have their page reinstated: www.facebook.com/DiamondandSilk.

You can’t make this stuff up! Click here to read my blog post Mainstream Media Is Complicit in Worldwide Deception.

Paypal is shutting off accounts that they deem unworthy of their services. I closed my account with them. Domain companies are now blacklisting websites and taking away domain names so that people cannot post anything that does not agree with their story line. If that happens to me, I will join one of the many lawsuits that are happening against these giant tech censors.

The thing that I have noticed the most is when I search on topics how all the anti-Trump articles and videos come up first now, and the positive information about President Trump gets buried. That’s why you need to do your research now, before they take everything down.

You may also want to start using a different search engine, one that does not track everything you do: Duck Duck Go is an option that I sometimes use. You can also get a VPN to protect your WiFi, conceal your IP when surfing, and secure all your devices.
control media control people

Their other lie is that the accounts they are shutting down are “hate speech.”

Read the articles below for more information on this topic.

Twitter Censorship: What Is Shadow Banning?

SPLC Leads Soros-Funded Groups in ‘Orwellian’ Attempt to Ban ‘Hate Speech’ on Social Media

Christian News Site LifeSite Blacklisted by Web Host

Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blacklists 800+ Grassroots Accounts and Pages to Fight ‘Fake News’

Free Speech Platform Gab Goes Offline as GoDaddy Joins Big Tech Blacklisting 

EXCITING NEWS: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Are Being Hit with Lawsuits

These are a few of the lawsuits out there against these big Tech censors.
Click on the titles to view the articles:

Freedom Watch Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, for Censorship of Conservatives

“On August 30, Freedom Watch filed a massive class action lawsuit against tech giants Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Apple claiming the companies conspired by entering into an explicit or tacit agreement, in parallel to each other, to restrain trade in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act, which states, ‘Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal.'”

Who Will Google Silence Next?

PragerU Sues YouTube For Discriminating Against Conservative Videos

“The lawsuit, filed in federal court in California, details upwards of 50 PragerU educational videos that YouTube has, in PragerU’s view, unjustifiably slapped with ‘restricted mode’ or ‘demonetization’ filters, violating its First Amendment right to free speech. These filters limit or otherwise prevent viewers, based on characteristics like age, from consuming content deemed ‘inappropriate.’”

Basic Conservative Ideas Are Totally ‘Inappropriate’?

Triple Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage Vows to Haul Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg into Court

“Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage is vowing to fight Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — all the way up to Supreme Court if necessary — if the social media giant does not reinstate his Facebook pages, which Facebook deleted without warning or explanation.”

“Kolfage, who lost three limbs fighting in the Iraq War in 2004, was the administrator of the widely-read conservative Right Wing News page on Facebook, which had more than three million followers. He also founded a coffee company, Military Grade Coffee, which had more than 200,000 customers and is how he makes a living for his family.”

“’I’m being punished for my beliefs — I truly believe it,” Kolfage. “It’s truly about who we are and our beliefs…right before the elections — it couldn’t be more blatant what’s going on.’”



If you believe their propaganda, and support this kind of censorship, I feel sorry for you…..because one day, they will be coming for you.

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