I have not posted in a few weeks now…not because there hasn’t been news or issues to post about. Quite the opposite! There has been so much going on behind the scenes that it has been difficult to keep up with it all. Of course, you will not know any of this information if you are only watching mainstream media (MSM).

People Still Can’t See the Manipulation and Lies of MSM? Really?!

I am still amazed that there are American people who cannot see through the lies and propaganda of MSM…especially given the truth continually being revealed about the crisis on our border. Then there is all the recent information coming to light with the bipartisan Senate investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. There was no collusion, as President Trump, and many of us have been saying! The real collusion was with the FBI, DOJ, Obama, Clintons, and other corrupt politicians and government officials colluding to take down a duly elected president. (This subject is for another blog post.)

Yet, MSM is adamant about border issues and the crisis being “manufactured” by President Trump. MSM also continues to maintain its position of Trump-Russia collusion, despite being given the facts from a 2-year Senate investigation.

One America News Network: Fact Check Proves President Trump Is Right on Border Crime

MSM IS the Enemy of the People

Sadly, I watch as my loved ones are mesmerized by MSM fabrications on a daily basis. I cannot even have a conversation with them while “the news” is on. They are literally glued to their TVs or their devices, addicted to the drama of it all, and they don’t respond when I talk to them.

They trash President Trump non-stop and parrot all the talking points of MSM. I cannot have any kind of intelligent discussion with them, and I have stopped trying.

They don’t want to see the truth.

So, What Is the Truth?

National Emergency! Just How Dangerous Is The Border?

“The Daily Caller News Foundation spoke exclusively with Arizona rancher Jim Chilton, who says the border isn’t safe or secure. Chilton, who has worked on his farm near the southern border for decades, says crossings on his land have increased considerably in recent years and dangerous cartels are running drug trafficking routes through his property.”

Read the full article: EXCLUSIVE: Just How Dangerous Is The Border? Locals Share Their Stories

Tom Fitton: Open Borders are ‘Freeways’ for Drugs, Human Trafficking & Terrorists

“Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says El Paso is a major smuggling route for Mexican opioids, illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists.”

Read the article: El Paso a Major Smuggling Route for Mexican Drugs, Illegal Aliens, & Islamic Terrorists

Judicial Watch is all about the truth! Discover what they know about border issues, collusion, the Hilary Clinton email scandal, and more at www.judicialwatch.org.

The Wall Is Being, and Will Continue to Be, Built

What on earth would make anyone believe that securing our borders is not a good thing? Do you hate President Trump that much that you are willing to sacrifice your own safety, the safety of those you love, and the safety of the American people? How many more lives need to be lost at the hands of illegal immigrants? Will the next life taken be one of your loved ones? When will you wake up to the truth? I have said it before and I will say it again:

el chapo bribes democratsIt’s common sense. Build the wall. The cost is insignificant, in comparison to the cost of taking care of all these illegal aliens who take advantage of our system and/or end up in jail, and we end up paying for all of it.

ALL people who enter this country illegally are criminals. People who sincerely want to come into this country to make a better life for themselves and their families can use the legal process to do so.

Globalists, like George Soros, are funding this invasion of our border to empower CRIMINAL ALIENS and TERRORISTS to enter the US illegally. This is a highly organized political agenda to push for open borders. This effort has costs millions of dollars. It is a concerted effort to push the agenda to degrade US security and our national sovereignty.

The people who are most opposed to building the wall are the people making millions of dollars off of drug trafficking, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and other illegal activities. Follow the money to learn the truth.

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Hannity: My Message to the Media

Sean Hannity continues doing a great job of reporting the truth and exposing the propaganda of MSM. In this video, he discusses the national emergency declared by President Trump and how it frees up $8 billion more dollars to build the wall. Sean also exposes the ongoing hate-Trump media stories and their ridiculous lies!

Sean states: “The American people are the real winners here….This is a win for the country. This is a win for you, and your families, and our safety and our security.”

One America News Network: The Cost of Illegal Immigration

“As Democrats in Congress refuse to secure the US southern border, the cost of illegal immigration continues to mount. The United States spends over $268 billion dollars a year supporting illegal aliens. That money covers expenses such as healthcare, education, childcare, the justice system, and welfare—forcing US taxpayers to shell out $734 million dollars every single day. President Trump is requesting $5.7 billion dollars to build a border wall.”

“Meanwhile, since January first, we’ve already spent far more than that paying for aliens who are here illegally. These numbers are based off estimates from the Center for Immigration Studies, Federation for Immigration Reform, Institute for Defense Analyses, and the Department for Homeland Security. These are the most exact estimates from official Border Patrol reports, as well as crime stats and census reports. One America News will continue share these numbers daily to show just how much illegal immigration costs American citizens every second.”

See more truth at One America News Network: www.oann.com

Thank you for sharing my posts and revealing the truth to others! Check back for more truth being published soon…