Big Tech, like Go-ogle, Fakebook, Twitfer, MeTube, and even Ponterest are ALL policing their users and what we say. This IS DIGITAL WARFARE, as General Flynn has affirmed. We ARE AT WAR, people! This is an INFORMATION WAR.

Do not be deceived: INFORMATION IS POWER.

Wake up before it is too late. Eventually, they will censor YOU. This is how it works….first they start with the Trump supporters, or anyone who does not support their leftist narrative. However, it NEVER stops there. Who will be the next group to be censored?! The videos below feature some of the ways they try to control the narrative and the information that you see.

The Digital War [Part 2] Big Tech


Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters ‘on a Massive Scale’


If you are a supporter of FREE SPEECH, you should be VERY ALARMED by this. The manipulation of algorithms can be seen everywhere, if you pay attention. THEY CONTROL ALL THE INFORMATION YOU SEE!

free your mindClick on the titles below to learn more:

Twitter Suspends Angel Mom for Posting About Illegal Immigration

Reddit’s ‘Quarantine’ Of The Donald Trump Subreddit Exposes More Tech Bias

Google Insider Goes Public About Company’s Influence Over Elections

David Horowitz Discusses Censorship and His Book ‘Dark Agenda’

New Whistleblower Allegation: YouTube Manipulated ‘Federal Reserve’ Search Results in Response to MSNBC Host’s Complaint

EXPOSED: Political Censorship in Big Tech

Candace Owens Interviews Paul Joseph Watson

If you haven’t seen The Candace Owens Show, I highly recommend it. She interviews a variety of interesting people and asks important questions. In this interview, Candace focuses on big tech censorship and talks with Paul Joseph Watson, who was banned from Fakebook. Click on the image below to view the interview:

Candace Owens with Paul Joseph Watson

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Spinning Their Propaganda: Antifa Are Peaceful Protestors According to MSM

MSM lies about Qanon

Discover the Truth

Why do you think that they are trying to shut us down? They don’t want people to KNOW THE TRUTH!! These big tech companies and MSM label us all as “conspiracy theorists” and “terrorists” so that they can shut our voices down and take us off their platforms. They have been smearing Q and followers since day one! Their lies and propaganda have been getting worse and worse. Click on the titles below to learn more:

truth is the new hate speechWe are Q! #DigitalSoldiers #WWG1WGA!

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED

Rose City Antifa Triumphantly Claims Attack On Andy Ngo As Victory For ‘Community Defense’

Antifa Is Organizing at the US-Mexico Border

What is the REAL purpose of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton? They are trying to blame this on President Trump and his followers. (Sure, the shooters are on 8chan and they are Q followers. How convenient!!)

Watch Dan Bongino address the immediate response to blame President Trump and to politicize these tragedies.

I ask you to consider: How come people at these events report multiple shooters yet the “authorities” tell us that there is only one shooter? How come the “story” NEVER aligns with the evidence?! It’s time to do your own research, if you don’t believe what I am saying…

Who are the REAL conspiracy theorists?!

MSM and BIG TECH!! It’s time to stand up to these companies, the paid puppets of MSM, and the corrupt and criminal politicians that support these tactics (mostly dems).

It’s time to expose the people orchestrating and carrying out these shootings of innocent people. These “mass shootings” are definitely NOT random! You may want to consider the information in this video: Gov has legalized psychological operations against citizens.

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They Label Us RACIST, homophobes, islamophobes, Whatever Will Work to Shut Us Up

But guess what?! It isn’t working anymore. People around the world are waking up to the TRUTH, and they cannot stop it! They will NOT shut up President Trump and they will NOT shut up We The People. Click on the image below to view the video.

Brandon Tatum - Trump is not racist

Click on the titles below to read the articles and view the videos:
The Democrats, Not Trump, Are the Racists

Tucker: Democrats Think They Can Win If They Just Call Enough People ‘Racist’

Bill O’Reilly Takes Aim at MSM/Democrats for Malicious Attacks

What You Need To Know About Trump’s Baltimore Tweets

Taxpayers Pay $2 Billion To Fund 30,000 Public Employees In Baltimore, Audit Shows

Want the truth? Please WATCH @TPUSA


Q - the world is about to changePlease do your own research and learn the truth!

Stay alert…see something, say something.

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