Mainstream media (MSM) hysteria continues…

Are people waking up to the truth?

Can they see the lunacy of the left and MSM?

I truly hope so…but unfortunately, many of the people in my life continue to be hypnotized by the propaganda and dramatic narrative of the paid puppets. They seem to be unable or unwilling to break free from the brainwashing that MSM carries out every minute of every day.

easier to fool peopleIt will be interesting to see what happens when MSM can no longer spin its lies and propaganda. That day is coming!

As I see the truth unfolding, as I learn more and more about all the ways that our reality has been manipulated, as I uncover the many lies that we have been told…I wonder: Are you ready for the truth? the full truth? no holds barred?

If I was learning all this information for the first time, I don’t know if I would be ready. Thankfully, my eyes have been open for a very long time now…I have been unplugged from MSM for close to 10 years.

I am SO GRATEFUL for my health and ability to research and discern the TRUTH! And, I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to President Donald J. Trump and all the Patriots who are working to expose the lies, reveal the truth, and shut down the deep state and its worldwide corruption.

The Mueller Report Is “A Fundamental Altering of our Basic Conceptions of Justice”

Mark Levin is a constitutional lawyer and a brilliant critical thinker. I always learn new things when I listen to his podcasts or watch his shows. And I look forward to reading his new book Unfreedom of the Press.

Click on the image below to view a video clip of Mark Levin’s interview with Dr. John Eastman, a constitutional scholar, who explains the TRUTH about the Mueller Report:

Mark Levin Show with John Eastman

Learn more TRUTH at


Dan Bongino Exposes the Lies in the Mueller Report

I listen to Dan’s podcast every week day. Dan is a seasoned investigator who loves this country, and he is passionate about freedom. Dan continues to expose liberal hypocrisy and the MSM lies. You will learn facts and information here that you won’t find anywhere else.

Click on the image below to view the highlights from one of Dan’s recent podcasts:

Dan Bongino mueller report fraud

Listen to or watch the Dan Bongino Show at


The Epoch Times Interviews Sidney Powell

The Epoch Times also does great investigative work! I read a lot of their articles, and they have a number of video channels, as well. Below is a video from their American Thought Leaders series with an interview with Sidney Powell, author of Licensed to Lie:Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. Sidney is one of the new lawyers that General Flynn has hired.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Mueller Upends Rule of Law, In Final Appearance

“When special counsel Robert Mueller formally closed the Russia investigation on May 29th, he opened the door to wide-ranging speculation as to the intent behind his statement. In the eyes of Former Texas Prosecutor Sidney Powell, Mueller’s words stood the rule of law and the presumption of innocence on their heads.”

View more videos from American Thought Leaders with Jan Jekielek from The Epoch Times.


The REAL Collusion Scandal, Obama State Dept. Launders Steele Dossier, & More!

I can’t say enough about Judicial Watch! They continue to expose the criminal activities of the deep state and corrupt politicians with their tenaciousness for the truth. They truly believe, and demonstrate daily with their actions: No One Is Above the Law! Below is the most recent weekly update from Tom Fitton.

Tom Fitton’s Video Weekly Update 6/14/2019
Judicial Watch continues to reveal the TRUTH and the hypocrisy of the left! The dems have been caught red-handed attempting their coup via spying and other illicit activities. Tom discusses the nonstop harassment of the President and his family, and the desperation of the dems. They want to distract people from the truth. Are you distracted? Or are you actively seeking the truth?

Click here to view more Judicial Watch videos


Freedom Fighter Dr. Dave Janda Reports the Truth

Dr. Dave Janda continues to expose the lies of MSM and all the criminal politicians that have been in office for years. If you haven’t heard about THE HAMMER, make sure to check out his show. Below is one of his recent videos. This is the TRUTH that you will never see on MSM….and it is HEARTBREAKING for me to learn this about the courageous men and women who have fought for our freedom!


“The spotlight of this Briefing focuses on The Freedom Fighters who are in hand to hand combat with The Deep State. The POW & MIA issue is also presented.”

General McInerney’s speech can be viewed in it’s entirety at:

You can find more information on Dr. Janda’s website at

Amazing Polly Is a Truth Seeker

Amazing Polly does extraordinary work in researching and finding connections among people and organizations. This recent video of hers is disturbing, but not that surprising. Many of the child foundations and organizations that have been set up to “help” children are complicit in child trafficking and abuse.

I have done a fair amount of research into the elite pedophilia rings and the child sex trafficking industry. This information is truly horrific…and it makes me want to say to the parents I know: How can you support these individuals who are abusing and making money off of children? What if it was your child?! WAKE UP!! 


Dr Pizza Patterns – Those Who Scream the Loudest to Silence Others

“A journalist who had participated in mobbing & harassment of Mike Cernovich was arrested with some pretty horrific charges against him. And this isn’t the first time that’s happened. In this video I look at “Dr.Pizza” and a 22 year old Nobel Peace prize nominee who got caught soliciting sex from minors.”

Click here to view more Amazing Polly videos.


X22 Report Lays It All Out: Discover Everything Happening Behind the Scenes

Dave on X22 Report has consistently posted information that you will NEVER find on MSM. He has posted a lot of information about the Federal Reserve and the Central Bank. Make sure to check it out if you want to discover the truth about our financial system. Dave also shares his ideas and information on what is happening behind the scenes. It is your responsibility to research and verify this information. Below is the most recent video, which is quite enlightening:


Boom, Did You Catch What Happened, There Are No Coincidences – Episode 1893b

Here are some of the highlights:

“Trump is not going to fire KellyAnne Conway. The [DS] is pushing their agenda to cause chaos in Trump administration. Assange extradition is now set for Feb of 2020. DOJ back Mnuchin in regard to Trump’s tax return. Flynn’s new attorney is going to rip the [DS] investigation apart. The setup is complete, Trump just had the law read to the American people, they now understand, they took the bait. Big Tech companies are now in the crosshairs. The oil tanker event was bait, but Trump is not falling for it.”

Click here to watch more X22 Report videos.


truth will see the light of dayThank you for reading my blog posts and viewing these videos.

NOTE: It’s always best to do your own research!

Please share with others who want to learn the truth, and especially those who are just waking up…