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Where Are All These “Peaceful” Protests?

Mainstream media (MSM) would like people to believe that these protests by “black lives matter” and others are “peaceful” and intent on justice for George Floyd. They would like you to believe that these are not organized efforts by antifa or other criminals. Click here to see a video exposing the TRUTH.

They would like you to believe that antifa is not really an organized group and their intentions are good. Click here to hear James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and Sean Hannity discuss the real intentions of antifa.

antifa is fascistMSM paid puppets and corrupt democrats assure you that antifa is an “anti-fascist” group. Click here to see the video Antifa is the world’s most ‘fascist Orwellian organisation’.

They insist that there are no paid protesters or professional provocateurs. Read the article from The Conservative Treehouse: Buffalo Officials Duped By Professional Antifa Provocateur – Arrest and Charge Two Police Officers – Righteous Police Team Stand Together and Walk Out… Be careful what you believe. This old man who was pushed away by these police officers (and then he dramatically fell down and hit his head) also had a bag of fake blood on him, in order to make the injury look worse than what it was. Don’t believe me? Do your own research and you will find the truth if you dig deep enough.

And, of course, they affirm these protesters are not paid by George Soros. Even George Soros himself says this. After all, he is only supporting just causes, right?! Click here to view a video that Candace Owens posted. This video was taken at a Trump rally in 2017, and it was the ANTIFA Beverly Hills chapter that followed this video up with a tweet saying good ol’ George Soros hadn’t yet paid them.

Did you know that this antifa violence is happening across the world? Still think it is not planned and executed by professional criminals? Click here to see one example of a “peaceful protest” for black lives matter in Brussels, Belgium.

Corrupt Democrats and Their MSM Paid Propagandists Are Losing Control of the Narrative

And if violence happens to break out while MSM propagandists are SELLING you this narrative, then they tell you that you have to expect some violence. They spin the stories and say these are peaceful protests that only turn violent when the police use tear gas and other inappropriate tactics. See their lies in the article by The Federalist: Barr Says ‘Peaceful Protestors’ Are One Of The Big Lies Media Are Perpetuating.

Democrats then and nowThey condone the burning down of businesses and neighborhoods. They support the harassment and violence against police. They tell you: It is all part of protesting and the process that needs to happen to get justice for George Floyd.

Yet, they don’t show you the stories and videos of people being violently beaten, shot, or killed in these “peaceful protests.” Read the article from the Daily Caller: 15 People Died In The Protests And Riots Following George Floyd’s Death. Here’s Who They Are.

It is not just the MSM paid puppets condoning and promoting this violence and looting.

It is all the democrats and the corrupt politicians and government officials on both sides of the aisle (Obama, Bush, Clinton, and all their henchmen).

Click here to read one example Dem AG: Letting America Burn Is the Path to Growth

Why are the most violent protests all in democrat-run cities? Why don’t these democrat leaders WANT to stop the violence, looting, and burning?

If black lives really mattered, why are they burning down businesses and neighborhoods in black communities?
Why are these thugs attacking and in some cases, killing black people?

Below are photos of some of the people killed by these antifa terrorists.

people killed by antifa in riots
*This image is from the Daily Caller article referenced above.

Click here to view a video of a young black woman exposing the truth and speaking out against black lives matter and their white liberal friends.

antifa paramilitary for Hollywood and Education


You are being fed pure propaganda!!

All you “peaceful protesters” out there are nothing but pawns in their game to take down this country!!! 

Lara Logan and Andy Ngo reveal the TRUTH about how these antifa terrorists use the peaceful protesters – click here to find out more.

hollywood freaks fund antifaThen, there are your little Hollywood stars and musicians, and professional athletes that stoke the fires of “racism” to get you to participate in this planned chaos.

They have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail out these antifa criminals with the money from your pockets. They are putting killers, terrorists, arsonists, anarchists, thugs, hoodlums, looters, and antifa back on the streets.

They don’t care about the people and the businesses and lives who have been ruined by antifa and black lives matter.

Click here to view a list of companies that support antifa, black lives matter, and the rioters: they are complicit, as well.

You have all been played, and you have all played right into their race baiting narrative. It’s time for you to do your own research to find the TRUTH for yourselves.

If you are sitting in front of your tvs and devices listening to the MSM paid propagandists, or follow all your corrupt democrat officials, then you will know NOTHING about what is really going on in this country. This is NOT about black versus white.

This is about TYRANNY versus LIBERTY! Our freedom and way of life is at stake!!

Their Violence Against Innocent People Is Horrendous: These Are the Stories and Videos That You Will Not See On MSM

anarchists 10 points of actionI could post a whole lot of videos that I have seen on Twitter, but I choose not to do this. I choose not to promote the terrible and horrendous acts that these antifa terrorists and other criminals are perpetrating against innocent people. These videos have been SO disturbing that they keep me up at night.

I watched several videos where business owners have been beaten to a pulp and left to die on the sidewalk by a gang of thugs. And some of them have died.

I watched a video of a young woman distressed over her sister (who happens to be black) being shot to death by these antifa thugs in a “peaceful” protest.

I have watched videos in which these thugs surround innocent people and knock them unconscious…and then viciously kick them while they are lying unconscious on the ground.

I have watched videos of  police officers being taunted, poked, and prodded; and flashed by lasers to blind them. I have watched as these “peaceful protesters” have thrown dangerous projectiles (like frozen water bottles and bricks) at them, as well as their police dogs and horses.

democrat party supports riotersFor no reason, these thugs also fire bombed a horse trailer and burned the horses alive in that trailer. (I could not bear to watch this video or the one where they steal and abuse a puppy. In fact, I did not watch many of the videos I referenced above all the way to the end.)

Perhaps the most disturbing video of all, for me, was a woman close to my age (it looked like she had gray hair) being pummeled with fists and hit with a board again and again….simply for trying to protect her home and business.

Thankfully, my community has not been affected by these violent riots. However, some of our local youth (kids as young as 6 or 7 were there!) took advantage of the “peaceful protest” to smash windows and steal things from the local mall.

And someone I know was hit by a projectile, as he was walking down the street in the downtown area on a random day (there was no protest happening at the time).

Keith Ellison supports antifaFor the first time in a really long time, I do not feel safe anywhere. As I walk my quiet neighborhood, I am on edge, suspiciously watching anyone who is out in their yard, or riding their bike, or walking on the sidewalk.

These antifa thugs have also been threatening to come to the suburbs and to the small towns in America to wreak their havoc. The patriots who love this country have been standing up to most of these efforts.

Rest assured that I will continue to stand up for the TRUTH!

And I will learn how to better protect myself against these kinds of threats.

I will not cave to their fear tactics or live my life in fear.

Candace Owens Exposes the Truth About George Floyd, Racism, and Black Lives Matter

I watched this very powerful video from Candace Owens, where she exposes all the lies being told and stands up for the TRUTH.

Candace shares how the black community is the only community that martyrs their criminals. She states the actual statistics involved in black deaths. She exposes how the democrat politicians use race baiting every four years in order to get black votes. Candace affirms, again and again, that there is no “systemic racism” in this country. There are only democrats and leftists who want us to believe this myth.

Click on the image below to view the video.

Candace Owens exposes the truth

Black Lives Matter Is a Leftist Lie

I LOVE the HodgeTwins because they tell it like it is:

They affirm that ALL LIVES MATTER, and “black lives matter” was built upon a lie.

Their goal is to keep black people pissed off so that they will vote for the democrats!

Check out their video by clicking on the image below.

black lives matter is a leftist lie

Click here to see more videos and posts from Hodgetwins.

Who Are the REAL Facists?

Antifa would like you to believe that they fight against fascism. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth. They are anarchists and they terrorize people, forcing them to agree with their narrative or give into their demands.

Antifa Declared A Terrorist Group

Click on the image below to view the video from Prager University.

antifa are the real fascists

Click here to view more videos by Prager U.

Ep. 1268 Why Socialism Sucks. An Interview with Dinesh D’Souza – The Dan Bongino Show®

In this episode, Dan interviews author Dinesh D’Souza about the growing threat of socialism in the United States. They discuss Dinesh’s new book United States of Socialism: Who’s Behind It. Why It’s Evil. How to Stop It.

They also address the current issues and the antifa tactics to take down the United States of America.


Below is a brief description of the book United States of Socialism by Dinesh D’Souza.

For those who witnessed the global collapse of socialism, its resurrection in the twenty-first century comes as a surprise or even a shock. How can socialism work now when it has never worked before?

In a pathbreaking new work by #1 New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza, you will discover a well-founded argument that the socialism advanced today by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and Elizabeth Warren is very different from the socialism of Lenin, Mao, and Castro. Modern-day socialism is “identity socialism,” a marriage between classic socialism and identity politics.

Today’s socialists claim to model themselves on the “socialism that works” in Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden. In reality, socialism abandoned the working class and found new recruits by drawing on the resentments of race, gender, and sexual orientation.

United States of Socialism reveals how the Left uses the Venezuelan formula, decisively refutes this new face of socialism, chillingly documents the full range of the Left’s gangster tendencies, and provocatively exposes the tactics of the socialist Left.

Click here to learn more.

Joe M Is Back With a New Video: Silent War Continues

I’ll leave you with this latest video produced by one of our favorite patriots Joe M.

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